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DIY :: Be-YOU-tiful Framed ART


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Hello everyone!

If you are a regular follower here on my blog, you will know that I "may" love to hand letter just a little. (wink wink) LOL I get questions from time to time about how to do some of the things I do, so I thought I would start sharing a few tips every now and again with you guys. So today I am going to share how I hand letter on glass as you can make some really cool pieces of art to frame if you give it a little practice. Plus I will share some of the tips that make it easier for me. 

Another thing that I love doing when I am not hand lettering is doing home projects. Yup, I love me some HGTV and watch whenever I can as it always inspires me to brighten up areas of my home or give me the confidence to tackle some major projects. All you can do is try, right? ;)

I am currently giving my daughter's bathroom a complete makeover. I started last weekend and got pretty far. I am at the point where I have to put it back together so she can use it, so that's what I did this weekend but I still need to paint her vanity and put in a new floor before I will be sharing pics here. In the meantime, I have been having fun planning what I will put on her walls. Of course I love to hand letter pieces of art for my home any chance I get and thought today I would share how I made this framed art that I hand lettered on glass for her bathroom makeover.

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framed art, hand lettered art, bathroom DIY art, beYOUtiful art, DIY decor

Since this was for my daughter, choosing something uplifting for her to see every time she is in there getting ready for school was a must. So I decided to use "beYOUtiful" since it holds a double meaning the way it is written: be YOU and of course beautiful spelled differently. Both of which are powerful and positive messages for a thirteen year old to hear as often as possible.

Let's get started so you can see how easy it is to make your own 'BeYOUtiful' framed art . . .

Step 1: Gather all of the supplies. You will need: a wood picture frame, Sharpie markers in various colors to match your decor, paint & paintbrush (I chose to use DecoArt patio paint since it is made for outside, I knew it would hold up in the bathroom), screw hooks, a piece of ribbon and my handy dandy Goo Gone spray gel.

supplies for framed art DIY, Goo Gone, photo frame, markers, DecoArt paint

Step 2: Take apart your photo frame and paint the wood frame and edges, set aside until dry. Next take your Goo Gone spray gel and give a couple squirts to that stubborn sticker that the stores always seem to attach with super glue! So frustrating right? Then just wipe off with a clean cloth and you are ready to get to work.

I have always used Goo Gone to tackle all of my sticky messes like this so when I saw it the other day at Target in a spray bottle? Yeah, straight in the cart it went! Heck yeah!

photo frame, how to make framed art, DecoArt paint, Goo Gone spray

Step 3: The next thing you will want to do is sketch out what you would like to draw on your glass. A couple tips for this step . . . make sure you sketch to the size of your glass as you will be placing this sketch under the glass before you draw. If you are unsure of your lettering or drawing skills, no problem, simply find a piece of art you like and print it out to trace onto your glass.

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Step 4: Grab your markers, place your sketch under your glass and start tracing your design onto the glass. Be careful where you grab the edges of the glass as sometimes they are a little sharp when taking them out of the frames. Proceed with caution. ;)

Sharpie markers, framed art how to, DIY home decor, beYOUtiful

INSIDER TIP TIME:  Whenever I hand letter on glass or a similar surface, I always have the Goo Gone & some q-tips nearby. WHY you ask? Well let me show you . . . see that little marker smear in the photo below? I now do NOT freak out when I accidentally make a mistake or get a smear because I know the Goo Gone spray will take care of it. So much better for my anxiety. lol

It also comes in handy when I need to clean my table. The table where I do all of my painting, crafting, lettering is on my dining room table (a.k.a. 'craft room' every day and it is made out of glass. So as you can imagine, anything that has to do with creating, art or something that involves crafting is bound to get a little messy! That's why I'm so glad I can tackle all of my messes now with Goo Gone in spray bottle form - it's now Good As Gone with Goo Gone! It makes it so I don't have to worry about ruining my table as it gets off paint, markers and so much more.

Goo Gone spray gel, GoodAsGone, sticky messes, hand lettering

Step 5: Take your hook screws and screw them into the top of your frame and then tie the ribbon you want to use to it. Place your lettered glass art back in the frame to complete your framed art. (throw away the backing of your photo frame as you don't need it.)

picyure frame art, screw hooks, ribbon, how to make, framed art DIY
hand letering, succulent, be YOU, inspirational art, DIY bath decor, Goo Gone

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope I have inspired you to create some art for a place in your home out of a photo frame glass. I would love to know what creative piece of art you are working on and if you will give this a try.

Don't forget to grab a bottle of Goo Gone spray in the 12 oz. bottle the next time you make a Target run as it's a life saver for all of those sticky messes. Make sure to check out online what you CAN use it on as you don't want to use it on silk, leather, suede, rubber, stainless steel, drywall, unfinished wood surfaces and unsealed stone.

Goo Gone spray bottle, Target, in store photo of Goo Gone
hand lettering, be YOU, hand lettered framed art DIY, how to make hand lettered art

What mess have you cleaned up using Goo Gone before? Do you think you will tackle making this framed art? Let me know below . . .

Thank you so much for letting me share this product with you and for supporting the brands and companies that help support my blog!

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  1. I love that you picked an uplifting design for her! It's a great piece. Goo Gone is a must have in our home too!

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  15. You are so talented! I think I told you earlier! And of course Beyoutiful too!
    I wish I had some time to settle down and do something with my hands.


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