Friday, September 30, 2016

ART PRINT :: Clear Eyes Full Hearts Can't Lose

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It's fall. 

And with that comes FOOTBALL season.

Did any of you ever watch that show "Friday Night Lights' that was on TV awhile ago? Man did I love that show . . . the characters, the story lines - all of it. I was pretty sad to say the least when it ended but I am glad to see some of the actors pop up in other things where I could watch them again. 

I also love football. Truth be told I am more of a college football fan and I am in fact a HUGE die hard Ohio State Buckeyes fan because I grew up in Ohio for one and I almost went to college there. (fun fact) I decided to pursue art school instead and moved to California but remained a Buckeye girl. SO I have been a fan a long time.

Pro football is alright, as I will watch it some of the time but don't have to watch it every week. Of course I follow the Cincinnati Bengals since they are our local team but I am also a Green Bay fan! ;)

So in honor of football season and friday night lights I decided to design a new art print focused on football. I give you: Clear Eyes Full Hearts Can't Lose.

football, hand lettered art print, clipboard, tassel poms, hand lettering

If you want to add a little football decor to your watch parties or even spruce up a man cave with some new art, then head over to the shop and grab your own 'Clear Eyes Full Hearts Can't Lose' art print and enjoy it! ;) 

friday night lights, clipboard, hand lettering, confetti, poms, clear eyes
full hearts, football print, friday night lights, hand lettered art print
hand lettered, lettering, pen and ink, football inspiration, football art print

Just a reminder, that I also offer CUSTOM hand lettered prints, decor and anything else you would like hand lettering done on, just ask! Do you think you have a great idea? Just shoot me an email . . . at and I'd love to chat with y'all!

man cave print, football season, friday night lights, hand lettering

So who is YOUR favorite football team? I would love to hear from you what you think of this print . . . please comment below!

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