Thursday, February 23, 2017

DESIGN :: Hand Lettered LOGOS

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Logos anyone? I just wanted to drop in with a quick update and to share some new logos I have designed recently with you. Are you, by chance looking for a new logo for your business? Perhaps you would just like it updated. I would love to help you design one. It is my passion - creating and designing, so I would love to hear your ideas and see how I could help you come up with the perfect look for your brand.
I have now included hand lettering and hand drawn artwork in my pricing for logos so you get all of my graphic design experience paired up with my hand lettering and drawing skills now too. This ensures that you will receive a logo that is unique to you and not one that has been sold multiple times to lots of different business owners. 
Here are a few of my recent ones I have had the pleasure of designing . . .
photography logo, branding, logo design, hand lettering, owl & lily photography

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hand lettering, logo design, branding, hand lettered logo, sweet peas designs

Like I mentioned I LOVE designing logos, which is probably one of my favorite things to do since it is the first step in your branding . . .ya know, your overall "packaging" of YOU, so I think it's important to have one you LOVE! That's what makes it so exciting! 
If you are wondering if I can design any additional collateral, the answer is YES! After we get you the perfect logo, I can help design business cards, FB covers, Etsy shop headers, art prints, posters with it & more, just ASK! ;)
Feel free to contact me at for additional info/pricing and to reserve your space on my design schedule! ♥
Plus you can always check out my Etsy shop to see what I items I have designed there, ready to go.
I am currently working on a NEW look for my own business here, so stay tuned for all of that . . . it's coming SOON! ;)
Enjoy your day & thanks for being a FAN of me & my work! xoxo

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