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EATS :: Bunny Bark Recipe

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Hello my friends! It's almost that time of year. The hunt is on for spring and all of those spring moments that we all look forward to! Warmer temperatures, flowers blooming, being outside and of course Easter!

I personally love this time of year as it brings with it such colorful personality after the grey blahs of the 'winter months. Here in the midwest, we have all four seasons in a span of a day so I am all about having some consistent weather here soon - anyone else relate? So imagine how happy I was when I was out running errands the other day and saw Easter candy and decor out already - made me happy to start the planning for this year! It really put me in the mood to start looking forward to spring and so the wheels starting turning and before I knew it, I had a couple ideas for the Easter season!

I'm not gonna lie, I DID pick up some new cute pieces to add into my Easter decor for this year as it's never too early to start decorating and sending out the "springtime vibes".  I also grabbed some candy to make a fun, super easy treat recipe for you. But that's not all . . . I also am sharing today, a couple basket ideas AND some FREE printables to help add a little something to those cute baskets this year! 

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I am fortunate to have a Sam's Club near my house because I shop there often for a lot of our grocery items, but I also feel lucky to get deals like my annual bag of Mars Chocolate Spring Mixed Minis Bag, 165ct that I picked up, as it is the perfect size bag to have for when I fill up the Easter eggs with all our faves and decorate the Easter baskets, so I can't go wrong. Since they just got these in, I found them (or should I say it found me) right in the aisles and they jumped right in my cart! ;)

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Before we talk about creating some cute baskets, let's make the easy treat we are going to include in our Easter baskets this year along with the other goodies! 

So let's get to making this delicious treat: Bunny Bark
AND just so you know I am sharing TWO versions of this bunny bark - one with peanuts and one without. 

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easter bunny, bunny bark, peanut M&M'S®, how to make easter bark

Ingredients you will need: M&M'S® 62oz. Pastel Peanut Chocolate Candy Bag, M&M'S® 62oz. Pastel Milk Chocolate Candy Bag (since these are great for baking and using IN recipes), vegetable oil, your favorite chocolate for melting - I use Candy Melts since they come in lots of different colors.

spring chick, springmoments, M&M'S®, ingredients for bunny bark

1. Melt your 8 oz. bag of Candy Melts according to the directions. Most importantly, follow the directions about stirring in 30 second intervals or you could ruin the chocolate. **optional- Also add 1/2 tsp. of vegetable oil to your chocolate if you would like it smoother. As you will see below I am going to share a fun colorful variation to just using one color chocolate. For the plain
M&M'S® candies Bunny Bark, I started with white chocolate, poured and spread it out over a baking sheet lined with wax paper.

Then I melted about a half bag (4 oz.) of another color and poured thick lines of it over top of the white. 

3. The next step is my favorite, simply take a fork or in my case, I used a toothpick and drag it through the melted chocolate to get a marble affect. On the blue version I just dragged my toothpick through it horizontally but with the pink version I did BOTH ways - horizontal and vertically to create a different look.

4. Next, sprinkle the M&M'S® candies over the top of your Bunny Bark. I decided to crush some of the peanut M&M'S® candies in the pink version but it's simply what you like and how you would like it to look.

5. Place the tray in the fridge for about a half hour, then remove and gently break into pieces to serve up or package for your Easter baskets! Super easy! 
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Now that we've made our easy Bunny Bark, we can add it to our Easter baskets. But first, I have a couple FREEBIES I would like to share with you. I designed both of these as a black and white file so they would match whatever color scheme you were making your Easter baskets this year. The first one is a page of hand lettered Easter tags that say 'Hoppy Easter' which are great for attaching to sweet treats like Bunny Bark or adding to a gift you give someone. Simply cut them out and attach with a ribbon or use washi tape to adhere to a gift bag. 

You will also find this cute 'The Hunt is ON' banner that you can place or attach to Easter baskets and it comes in two different sizes. I even designed them so you can personalize them with the name of the person you are gifting a basket to. Super cute and simple way to make your Easter baskets a little more fun this year.

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You have your homemade treat, your FREE gift tags and personalized banners so now it's time to grab your baskets, Spring Mixed Minis, supplies and goodies to put together some Easter baskets because the Hunt is ON!

For adult baskets, like this one going to my mom, I used a tray instead of a basket and loaded in fun spring items that she can use in her home along with some of the Bunny Bark and Spring Mixed Minis. Use items like tea towels, Easter decor items like bunnies and carrots, banners, votive holders, straws and of course finish it off including the Bunny Bark and lots of her favorite candy.

My friend baskets can be as simple or as grand as you like but for this one here I took the simple basket approach. My besties typically like just the goodies so it was kept simple by just adding Bunny Bark and plastic eggs filled with Spring Mixed Minis. Simple but oh so cute.

easter eggs, M&M'S®, Spring Mixed Minis, easter basket items
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I would love to hear what you put in your Easter Baskets? Will you be using the FREEBIES I designed for you here? Let me know below.  

Will you be making your own Bunny Bark? If so, remember to stop by Sam's as they can help keep your Easter affordable and stress-free. Want more recipe inspiration? The Hunt is ON and all you need to do is just hop on over here, as Mars, Wrigley and Sam's can help make the Easter hunt easier by bringing simple baking, decorating and basket building solutions to make it it easier for you.

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share these simple Easter ideas with you today. Hoppy Easter friends! ;) 

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