Thursday, February 15, 2018

DECOR :: Valentines Day Mantel

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Hello my friends! I have had a super busy week - so much so, that I forgot to share this post with you. But since Valentines Day was just yesterday, I thought I would go ahead and share anyway . . . I mean we all are in our Valentines candy comas still right? lol

I always love sharing what I do with my living room mantel as it's the perfect backdrop every holiday for my decorating fun! Having said that, I thought it was high time for me to document and share what I did with the mantel this year. Valentines Day is one of those holidays that just gets the mantel. Meaning, that is all I am going to decorate. Mantel = done. For the major holidays: Christmas, Halloween and Easter, I usually decorate the house - as in most, if not all of it, but these smaller holidays throughout the year, they just get the mantel. ;)

For my Valentines mantel this year, I kept it pretty simple and decided on using my black and white decor already being used in the living room and adding the traditional RED this year. Last year, I did a the mantel all in pinks so this year I chose to add the red in and I love the simplicity of it as well as the classic vibe it created in the room.

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valentines day decor, valentines mantel, black and white mantel
be still and know, hobby lobby finds, target finds, valentines decorations
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Like I mentioned, most of the things I used this year, are things I already had. The Valentine banners hanging on the front, the big red heart and the black and white pitcher vase are from Target. The arrow, the wood sign that says 'be still & know' I got at Hobby Lobby. Then the rest of the other items are from HomeGoods or Michaels - you know the four basic home decor groups! ;)

I did however score a few new decor items recently as I had some gift cards left over from the holidays and decided to use them. If you follow me on Instagram, then you already saw in my stories a couple weeks ago that I picked up this fabulous vase with the macrame fringe on the outside, at Kirklands, along with the beige beads on the right side of the mantel. I absolutely LOVE them and can't wait to use them in my everyday living room decor as well. And that adorable potted plant sitting next to it? My sweet daughter gave me that for Christmas but it's from Target and I know they still have them.

boho vase, kirklands, potted plant, target finds, XO charger, mantel

kirklands vase, target decor, valentines mantel, wooden arrow
farmouse beads, kirklands, potted flowers, valentines mantel

I really like the simplicity of the mantel and how it came together. I know my daughter appreciates me decorating for each holiday - even if it's just a small area like this. I like to imagine when she is a mom herself, that she will tell her kids . . ."grandma used to decorate for every holiday and make it so festive!" 

I hope the little things like this, are the ones she looks back on fondly when she remembers growing up in her childhood home and knows this is just one little way I made this house of ours a home for us. ;)

valentines decorations, be still and know, wood signs, black and white decor

Hope you enjoyed a peek into my Valentines decor this year. Did you do anything with your mantel or decorate for Valentines Day this year? Let me know below as I'd love to hear from you . . .

Have a great one . . . until next time my friends! xoxo


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