Thursday, January 12, 2012

{Organizaton DEAL} Discount on Erin Condren products

Hello everyone!
I am so EXCITED to share a little something with you all.
I have a NEW LOVE!!!!

Back in late fall, a couple of my friends (caryl & aimee- THANK YOU) were talking about these FABULOUS planners & I HAD to find out what all the buzz was about!! I ordered one because I INSTANTLY fell in love with the graphics, the colors, the layouts, the concept, the pages, the  . . . well . . .EVERYTHING about erin condren's products!

I couldn't WAIT to get it because well . . .once you start looking at the website, you are IN LOVE! Just the WHOLE process of ordering was a BLAST!

Knowing that my planner is made CUSTOM just for ME?! It doesn't get any better than that! I got to pick my cover, colors & say what? Pick the pattern I want in the choices I want, for THE cover???? Say whaaaaaat!  Ummm . . ok! Let's do that!!! Hot pink & lime green please! Have I mentioned how much fun ordering is??? It IS!!! And once you get done with their VERY easy ordering process, they actually give you a approximate 'ship date' which I haven't decided is good or not because I am not sure my mailman appreciated the CONSTANT stalking I was doing while I was waiting. Even though I KNEW approximately when it would be there, ya never know - (LOL) . . it COULD come earlier! =)

Then it happened. The DAY it arrived. Just wait until you see this!
(seriously??? . . .the BOX it comes in is even FAB-UUUUUUU-LOUS!!)
That's IT! Anyone who takes so much time & effort into their packaging is my new BEST friend! Seriously? AMAZING! There could have been NOTHING in the box & I would have been happy! =)

Then . . .the time had come . . the big REVEAL!
Welcome??! Seriously . . .WOW - IN.LOVE!
so excited!!!! This packaging & CARE is insane! Seriously LOVE!
  . . .oh no worries there! Trust me . . .I WILL enjoy! =)

and here SHE is!!!! Ahhhhhh . . . isn't she GRAND!? LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

PERFECT! Look at these tabs!!

Ready to see the goodies in store on the INside?? Brace yourself for eye candy overload & pure goodness!
Calendars galore! So much functionality it is hard to believe!

And all these AWESOME motivational sayings throughout . . .this is my FAV!
LOTS of room to plan your days!

Notes section is great to have handy - all in one place!

This NEXT section is one of my FAVS!
Pockets to keep all your 'loose' goodies organized . . .

 . . .and YES people, those ARE sticker sheets . . .a couple pages of them. Seriously the COOLEST thing EV-AAAAA!

What's this?? A plastic pouch loaded with some treats for ME?
Yes - please I am hooked!
and PERSONALIZED with MY name on it to boot! Love you Erin Condren!

So how unbelievably AWESOME is this company??

I PROMISE to ALWAYS bring you reviews on products or companies that I personally BELIEVE in or TRUST and erin condren is ONE I highly recommend.

I will personally be purchasing one of these EVERY year, as we are only 12 days into the New Year & it has already helped!

And here's the BEST part! The very good people over at erin condren have given me a very special deal for you so YOU too, can have your own customized goodness from them! They have PLENTY more FAB products on their website & my list is growing ALL the time.

I personally would advise going to their website at to sign up for their newsletter so you NEVER miss any of their FAB deals they have going on or the launch of any new products. Make sure to also 'like' their Facebook page and see for yourself why this company is so FUN & tell them I sent you, PLEASE.

If you wish to get your own planner or anything else from them, for a limited time,
until next friday jan. 21. 2012, you can use the code: EYECANDY on their website, when checking out & receive a 10% DISCOUNT.
(one time use per customer, cannot be combined with any other coupon codes)

Thanks for being here & happy shopping!


  1. So fab! Just ordered mine yesterday & can't wait for it to get here!!

    Absolutely LOVING your cover!!!! I ordered mine so quick I didn't realize you could change cover colors! I just ordered one in pre-done colors.. There's always next year though! :)

    XO Kristy

  2. thanks for the great post! enjoy!

  3. Thanks for the coupon, I just ordered my planner I some notepads today! It was great to be able to upgrade shipping since I saved a bit on the actually product.

    1. You are welcome! I need to order a couple other things myself. Thanks for the comment! Have a great weekend! =)

  4. Oh my goodness!! I LOVE it!! I heading there right now to snag one up!! I've been looking for the perfect planner and I think I just found it! Thanks so much!!

    1. Glad you liked it - now you see WHY I had to share with you all (LOL) - they are so FUN! Make sure you share what cover you pick when you get it - would love to see it! =)


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