Monday, January 23, 2012

{CLIENT PARTY} BOYS Skater Party Pack Collection

As a designer, I get so many requests for "cool" BOYS themed party collections so I started adding some to my Etsy shop last year & they are one of my BIG sellers in the shop. I would like to think it is because they are a little edgy & "cool". Perfect for the boys that are not little boys anymore & perfect enough for teenage boys that are still OK with their moms throwing a 'themed' party.

Have you ever checked out my "SKATER BOY" party collection in the shop? 

 It has everything you would need for a BOYS party!
Invitations, toppers, labels, candy bar wraps, banner, signs & paper

One of my wonderful clients, Kate shared a few pics with me of how she styled my collection & all I can say is WOW - dude it's so AWESOME!!! You DID such an amazing job with all the little details that you incorporated. I LOVE IT!!!!!!
 Check it out . . . 

and THE cake!!! Did you see the CAKE? I mean really . . . talk about a cool moment seeing your collection made into a CAKE!!!! Soooo COOL!!!

THANK YOU so much to Kate again for sending me these pics to share & THANKS for being a regular customer of mine. I can't wait to see what you do with another one of my BOY party collections. (I already know which one- heehee)

Thanks for checking out this collection & please share if you ever hear of anyone needing a "cool" skater themed party . . I'd appreciate it! xoxo

This collection, as well as other BOY themed collections can be found 
in my Etsy SHOP!


  1. I've ordered this set before. The colors are so vibrant and it's very cool!

    1. Thanks for posting this comment - it's great to get more feedback - I appreciate it! =)

  2. Love seing older boy parties! What a great & fun party!

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment. I had a blast designing this & she did a FANTASTIC job setting it up! =)

  3. Replies
    1. Isn't it great? She did an amazing job with my collection. Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

  4. Replies
    1. thanks for stopping by to check it out Lisa! I appreciate it - THANK YOU! =)

  5. Wow! Great printables and great party! Perfect colors for a boy!

    1. Why thank you so much Lindsay! It was so much fun designing this one! =)

  6. Super cool printables and awesome party!

    Alison (Alison Lawson Cakes)


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