Monday, January 9, 2012

{DESIGN DEAL} Custom Business GRAPHIC packages

I am super excited for this New Year & one of the things I have been working on is offering YOU a great DEAL on my GRAPHIC DESIGN services that I offer. I have BIG plans to E-X-P-A-N-D this part of the business this year. (but more on that later). I have had the honor of designing for so many of you  & have had requests to offer 'package deals' so I have decided to put together a few that I hope you will LOVE & be EXCITED about! 

custom "Business DESIGN" starter package
- CUSTOM logo design
- header OR 1-sided business card design

**plus 1 FREE item of choice: 
- button, FB avatar, blog signature
custom "ETSY SHOP" DESIGN package
- CUSTOM logo design
- business card design
- Etsy header

**plus 1 FREE item of choice: 
- watermark, Etsy button, 2-sided business card upgrade

custom "Deluxe BUSINESS DESIGN" package
- CUSTOM logo design
- 2-sided business card design
- Ad layout or business postcard design

**plus 2 FREE items of choice: 
- watermark, FB avatar, button, blog signature


Are you looking maybe for just a mini "facelift"?
"MAKE-OVER" design package
- 2-sided business card
- business SUBWAY ART design
- blog/Etsy header

**plus 1 FREE item of your choice:
- FB avatar, button, blog signature


And for all my photographer friends . . .

 Photographers "BUSINESS" DESIGN" package
- CUSTOM logo design
- 2-sided business card design
- watermark
- CD/ DVD label design

**plus 2 FREE items of choice: 
- letterhead design, postcard, blog/web header, gift certificate, ad layout, sticker design, blog button


- custom LOGO DESIGN = you will receive a CUSTOM design that I work with you on. I have a questionnaire for you to complete & you will be given multiple design choices & file formats when completed. Complete details will be given to you upon booking.

-  header = this can be YOUR choice of a custom header for your Etsy shop, blog or website. All headers are for design only. Uploads are NOT included.

- business card design = custom business card layout design with your choice of colors, fonts, design. Using your logo & creating a look that mirrors your brand. Does NOT include printing. This is for 1-sided card design unless otherwise stated.

- button = this can be YOUR choice of a custom button for your Etsy shop, blog, website or Pinterest. All buttons are for design only. Uploads, coding, activating are NOT included.

- FB avatar = this is a custom design used on your FB page under the profile picture. I will use your logo & any photos to create a collage for your avatar.

- blog signature = custom design signature that can be used on your blog, email or web. Most use their first name & some graphic elements from their logo to create a look for the signature.

- watermark = this is a custom design digital file that is created that can (but doesn't have to) match your logo that is great to use for copywriting your photos to decrease others claiming your photos as their own. Also a great way to keep your name on your photos when posting on your website or blog.

- ad layout = these are great to use for magazine advertisements & features photos of your designs and your logo laid out in a fantastic looking ad. Can request any size.

- postcard = these can be used for marketing purposes, attaching a product to, sending out to clients. Can be designed for any purpose you have in mind.

- CD/DVD label = great for attaching to CD's or DVD's when you send them out to clients. Great for marketing your product or showcasing your photos.

- letterhead = if you send letters out to clients or prospects, this is a good piece to have that will coordinate with your logo & brand your look all together.

-gift certificate = can be designed to have on hand to send to clients, customers or participation in giveaways with other vendors.

- sticker design - a design will be created to match your branding & coordinate with the overall look. Use for adhering to projects/ letters/ packages that you mail out.

- Subway Art print - a design will be created to match your branding & coordinate with the overall look. It will be tailored with descriptive words/ phrases for your business, contain your logo & colors. Great to use for advertising, an art print, customer mailings, etc.

Everything listed in these packages are for the digital files ONLY! 
It does NOT include printing or coding for the online graphics.


If you would like to see EXAMPLES of my work, please visit my FB page & check out my photo albums for what I have designed lately.
If you would like to talk to a past client, let me know & I can arrange that as well.

Didn't see the right package for YOU? Email me & I can build you a CUSTOM package tailored to EXACTLY what you need! 

PLEASE email me at to book your package & reserve your spot on my design calendar as spots are limited! All invoices MUST be paid in full, up front, in order to reserve your spot!


  1. I'll have to remember this for my business cards...that currently don't exist! :)

    1. Yes Carrie - would love to design them for you when you think you are ready! =)


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