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{CHOOSE JOY} . . .I AM! . . 
I will "Choose Joy"!!!

Are you familiar with Ashley's story of Lil Blue Boo
All I ask is you each take ONE small minute & meet her. She is a fellow artist/blogger & someone who I am proud to know (even if only 'online'). She has an amazing strength & you will fall in love with her! She will make you laugh & cry all at the same time! She is fighting a nasty, nasty cancer & I am choosing to HELP! 
You may be interested in this blog post that contains information about an Auction benefiting Miss Ashley and her family. I am so beyond HONORED to be a small part of this - I am designing an art print to be auctioned off during this benefit to help raise money for her! They had so many people willing to donate that they had to cut it off so they would have time to auction all the awesome donations off. I was lucky & got in-  I'm so humbled to help out! =)
The auction is set for February 27-29, 2012.  It will go live at 8 pm EST/ 5 pm PST on the 27th and the ending times will be staggered a bit throughout the evening on the 29th to allow as many people as possible to bid on the items that are so generously being donated.
I have had people ask me HOW they can help in the meantime? A couple different ways: there is a button available for you to post on your blog and website to help spread the word about the auction, you can find it at , you will also find a little more information about Ashley and her fight there.
Also please check out for some exclusive t-shirts they had designed & all proceeds go to benefit Ashley!!!  Please help spread the word!! 

I have posted here, some more info from the wendy's blog, she is organizing the auction: 
When is the auction?
February 27-29, 2012.  It starts at 8pm EST/11 pm PST and the end times will be staggered through the evening on the 29th, the exact ending times will be noted within each listing. Please note that Hyenacart auctions end 2 minutes after the last bid.
Where will the auction be held?
On a special site hosted by Hyena Cart. It is under construction right now, the address will be shared as we get a little closer to the auction date.  You will need a shopping account on in order to bid.
What kinds of items will be offered?
We have been privileged to get donations from some very large handmade and unique companies. I think you will be THRILLED with what we will have to offer. So far we have a wide variety of items...photographers offering fabulous packages for all over the country, many doll makers and clothiers, and a large amount of clothing vendors. We will be posting previews of items as we get closer to the date...but let me just tell you, SAVE YOUR MONEY. I promise, you are going to want to bid on this stuff.
Can I make something for the auction?
Donations were only being accepted from businesses...and currently we are not accepting any more donations.
 I don’t like auctions, but I want to help… How?
No problem! There is a donate button directly to your right on my sidebar. This button is linked to Ashley's donation account and she receives all the funds that are received through it.  Anything you can give to Ashley would be AWESOME.
What happens if I win one of the auctions?
You will be required to pay within 24 hours of the auction ending. All payments will be made by paypal.  Please make sure your Paypal shipping address is correct, that is the address we will ship to, no exceptions.   We are unable to accept money orders or e-checks.  If you are unable to complete the transaction, the item will go to the next highest bidder.
 I am outside of the U.S., do you ship internationally?
Items can be shipped internationally unless the listing description states otherwise.  Some items will be services, so don’t bid if you are not in that area.  If you are outside of the U.S., the donor of the item will contact you after payment has been made to make arrangements to ship your item, you may be responsible for the shipping charges.
How much of the proceeds go to Ashley?
100%.  Team Ashley has donated their time and is not taking any salary or compensation from this auction. This is currently the only auction endorsed by Ashley and Lil Blue Boo.
 Another way you can help is to get one of these awesome 'Fear will Not Rule' t-shirts & tanks - but quantities are limited - I ordered mine already!!! You can get them here in the shop.
I hope you will join me in spreading the word about Ashley & this auction. I am sure we all can relate to knowing someone at some time, some place in our lives that has had to fight the fight as well. So let's do it for ALL cancer fighters!
Just remember this . . .one of the reasons this gets to me so much, is this could be ANY one of us fighting this cancer right now. We are NOT promised tomorrows only TODAY!
I WILL help a sister in need & CHOOSE JOY! Who's with me? ♥

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