Monday, February 6, 2012

{Valentines Day IDEAS} Spa products, pancakes & freebies

Can you believe it is just about a week away? 
You know that holiday - Valentines Day! Where does the time go??? So . .  this week I will be bringing you some fun Valentines Day ideas from me & some of my friends!
Today I want to share a couple ideas I had for Valentines Day because if you are like most of us (and wait until the last minute to figure something out) then this post will help you. It is a round up of some EASY Valentines Day suggestions to get you back in the zone!

First up, have you heard of Moodylicious Children's Spa & Boutique? Well the driving force behind this amazing company is Christina & she is one of the most supportive & sweetest people I have had the pleasure of knowing. She posted these little spa Valentines Day sets last week & I quickly ordered one up for my daughter! I already got it in the mail over the weekend & she is going to be so excited to have her very own "spa products".

See what I mean? How stinkin CUTE are these gift sets?? She is just soooo creative & I know she would LOVE to put something together for you to give for a gift or special occasion.
Just contact Christina to get yours in time for Valentines Day!

She also contacted me a few weeks ago & purchased my "Kiss Me" Valentines Day & the Valentines Day photo props set to use at a recent children's spa party & it turned out so adorable. Thanks so much for the photos - they are great! 

She used the toppers to 'tag' the products & decorate them up just a little bit.
And I LOVE the lips (photo props) used in the drinks! love love love!
WOW - I wanna have one of these parties! 

The "Kiss Me" Valentines Day collection is SUCH a versatile one that can be used for so many things.
Obviously we have just seen it used for a kids party. 

What about a nice romantic breakfast with your spouse?
Heart pancakes anyone? {yum!}

The paper pack included can be used to make accordion decor & then use the toppers & a circle punch for the centers:

Also includes are postcards that you can send to loved ones that you want to remember:

write some love notes (included) and leave them at the table & around the house for them to find . . .

Thank you so much to Christina for sharing the pics from the kids spa line using my printable collection & please be sure to go visit her & check out all of her FABULOUS spa products as they are just adorable!  Please tell her I sent you as she really is AMAZING!!!

Interested in the "Kiss ME" Valentines Day collection? You can get it here in my shop on SALE right now & it contains more goodies than what was mentioned here!

And if you by chance have NOT seen the 2 FREEBIES I designed that MATCH this collection, you can download them here as well for FREE:

Hope this got your idea juices pumped. See you next time!


  1. Love this Laura!! I ordered the Valentine gift from Christina for my daughters and they came today too!! So excited to give them to them...too bad Valentine's day is a week away!! :)

    1. hey lindsay - thanks for stopping by! I know she did such a GREAT job on the gift sets - our daughters will be sooo HAPPY!

  2. Totally digging those heart pancakes and the pretty fans. I love making them!

  3. everything looks amazing! I completely forgot to order my daughter's valentine ... and am bummed! It looks adorable!!!


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