Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{NICKELODEON press} + Kids Valentine Craft Tutorial

I wanted to share a couple quick & EASY kids Valentines Day ideas with you today. Some of you may be looking for a fun project or craft to do with your kids for Valentines Day. Others may be looking for a craft to bring to your child's classroom next week for their parties at school. (me being one of those)

BOTH of the ideas I will share with you involve PENCILS.
KIDS of ALL ages just love them some pencils!!!

This idea was shared in a round-up over in 'ParentsConnect' on Nickelodeon last week.  {It's the last one listed.} Super excited about that & here it is with all the other wonderful ideas as well:

'ParentsConnect' on Nickelodeon

I know this is just a screen shot, so if you would like to see the actual post written by the fabulous, Danielle from 'A Few of my Favorite Things' , just click here.

This idea that was featured & a few others from last year, you can find in my post here.

Here is the step-by-step instructions on how to make these & let me tell you, 
the kids LOVE them! Super FUN!

We will call him "Silly Heart Pencil Topper" - k?
To create: (1) - use the craft coloring sheet & color in one of the hearts & cut out, (2) - take pipe cleaner & twist in knot at top of a pencil, (3) - continue wrapping the pipe cleaner around another pencil to create the 'twisted' effect, (4) - repeat on other side until you get the 'antennae' look, (5) - cut a heart shape out of the pattern paper, (6) - fold vertically in 1/2, (7) - snip 2 cuts on the fold  - one about an inch down from the top & the other an inch from bottom - both about 1/2 in., (8) - insert pencil w/ antennae in the 2 holes snipped, (9) - glue on sides of heart from step 1 & adhere to the heart w/ the pencil in it (don't glue entire backside of silly face heart - so it allows you to remove pencil)
Next up . . .   Valentine 'shaped' pencil!

 To create: (1) take pipe cleaner & measure down about 8 in & create a loop, (2) cross the loop towards the bottom, (3) twist them together, (4) it should look like this, (5) start twisting the bottom of pipe cleaner around the top of a pencil, (6) looks like this

 (7) push down at the center of your loop, (8) this will create the heart shape & adjust it the way you like, (9) should look like this - You can then add a topper as a Valentine & you're done!

I will be sharing MORE ideas in the next few days on KIDS craft ideas for their parties!
{The printable designs I used & the coloring sheets can be found in the same collection in my shop here & it's on sale!}

Thanks for checking this out today! 


  1. Such cute ideas! I'm always looking for new cute ideas for the classroom since I'm a Room Mom! :)

    1. thanks Lindsay! I have done these 2 before & they are so easy for the kids to do & you can add more things to it for the older kids too. I have been "room mom" for the last 4 years, so I know what you mean! It's HARD to come up with ideas when you have that 'title'. LOL

  2. Looks very innovative for me. Thanks for sharing the tips.

    Valentines Day Crafts

    1. you are so welcome! Thanks for the comment & being a follower! =)


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