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COLLECTION :: Teacher Appreciation week IDEAS

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Hello there! 

I wanted to share with you some pics of the Teacher Appreciation package I designed a few years ago that is available in my shop. If you are needing some fun ideas to celebrate the teachers in your kids' life, you will want to get this package as there is so many cute things to use for their various teachers! I have also included some ideas to go with it & a tutorial on how to create a unique gift!

teacher appreciation stationery, teachers rule paper, teacher gift idea

I don't know about you all, but my little one has had some pretty amazing teachers so I wanted to do something special for them in mind, which is where a lot of the inspiration came for this collection.

teachers rule art print, framed teacher gift idea, ruler, thank a teacher

In this collection I wanted to have it be versatile - something you could send in with your kiddos all in one day or break it up like I did & have them take in something EVERY day to make the FUN last longer! This is also a GREAT idea for those of you in charge of arranging something nice for the teachers (ex. PTO members or homeroom moms)
I think you will find that it does both so I hope you find it very useful.

The collection includes a banner, toppers, gift tags/mini 3x3 cards, paper pack, stationery paper w/ holder & 2 BONUS mini posters/ frames art. 

First the banner - I used primary colors for the collection & also a gingham print as the major design element. The banner is in the yellow gingham & has the letters in blue throughout.

teacher appreciation banner, school staff banner, we heart our teachers

I decided to have it say "WE {apple in shape of heart} OUR TEACHERS!
So you could use this for just {ONE} teacher & NOT include the {S} at the end or you can hang it in the teachers lounge or whatever for all the TEACHER{S}! And then you will find just one banner pendant with the little chick on it holding an apple - so you can put her at the beginning or at the end or both - totally up to you! 

we love our teachers banner, primary colors banner, little chick, apple, school banner

Just cut little slits on the "upper sides" of each & sting the banner with twine, wide ribbon - anything you think will hold it up!  Another idea would be to 'clip' it to a piece of twine or ribbon with those adorable little clothespins that are super popular right now!

I sent this in with my daughter & a few of her friends hung this up in the class last year for their teacher!

classroom banner, teacher appreciation banner idea, yellow ginghan, we heart our teacher

The toppers come 12 on a sheet & have several different sayings plus some that are just the chick on them. You can use these as a square or use a circle or scallop punch & have a little added flair. Can also be used as an added feature on the stationery box (see below)

teacher appreciation toppers, teacher party circles, teachers rule, you are special
teachers are good friends, gingham toppers, teacher gift ideas

Attach these to gifts for the teachers, attach them to a lollipop stick & put them in cupcakes or a dessert table. Attach them to some cake pops or use on a stick & put in a potted flower . . .ideas on endless!

teacher appreciation cupcake topper, thanks, thank a teacher, cupcake

The gift tags or mini 3x3 cards can be used for just that! As gift tags attached to a gift or as a card for your little kiddo to write her a note!  

mini cards, my teacher rules, teachers make a difference, thank a teacher

Here's an idea that I did - why not print your kiddos teacher out a bunch of these, tie a ribbon around them & give them to her (to use) as a little card set for when she has to send a note home to you! They so appreciate little kind gestures like this!

thank you cards for teachers, mini thank you cards, teacher stationery
my teacher rules, teachers make a difference, mini cards for teachers

{Tutorial ALERT} How to make a stationery holder from scrapbook paper:

Next is the stationery paper pack & holder. This is a fantastic little project to do for a GIFT for your kiddos teacher as it serves as a stationery holder for the paper that is included in this package to hold it. The holder you could use either the red gingham or yellow gingham paper (included in this package)
& pick which color you like, print it out, then on the backside of this, you will want to print the stationery box instructions (included but not shown in this collection) to cut out & fold to hold the stationery paper that comes next.

red gingham scrapbook paper, yellow gingham scrapbook paper, teacher appreciaton scrapbook paper
how to make a stationery box, teacher appreciation gift, stationery

step 1. - choose to print out the yellow or red gingham paper to make the box & then on the other side print the directions

step 2. - cut out box on solid black lines & fold the box on the black dotted lines 
step 3. - using either a glue stick or double-sided tape (recommended) bring in both sides FIRST
step 4. - just bring in the front & back side to form the stationery box shown
& then you will want to print out this page of these 3 different designs of the stationery paper that you will put in the holder you just made. 

stationery paper, teacher stationery pad, teachers rule, how to make a stationery box

Some ideas to "dress it up" include: tying a ribbon around the holder to give it a feminine touch. Adding a topper by gluing one on the front, etc. Possibilities are endless!

teaxhers rule, stationery box, stationery set for teachers, teachers gift idea

And as an added BONUS - I have added 2 - yes TWO small printable art posters that can easily be framed & given as a gift! There are 2 different ones so you can pick or give both - up to you!

teachers make a difference, art print for teachers, teachers believe in you
teachers rule art print, framed art print, teacher gift idea, ruler, apple

And YES on this one I framed, I even added another topper to the frame as a little something "extra" - just used a scallop punch & voila! =)
Ok then . . this is all the info you need to add some FUN into a teachers appreciation party or for your kid's teacher, as a way to say thanks! Hope you enjoyed it & would love to hear your feedback on what you are planning to do with these!

A special THANK YOU to all those wonderful teachers that give of themselves everyday to ensure are kids are safe & happy when they are not with us! THANK YOU! xoxo

If you would like to view the Teacher Appreciation set. It can be found here in my Etsy shop!

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