Friday, April 6, 2012

{WEDDING INSPIRATION} springtime wedding board using melon

Spring is here & weddings are definitely starting to kick in high gear for the season. I thought I would share with you my latest contribution to Brenda's Wedding Blog - owner of Best Wedding Sites.


My springtime wedding inspiration board using a soft MELON color palette!

Happy Spring! Weddings in the spring are so beautiful because I think the color choices are so abundant to choose from. Soft pastels are always a win-win and the pops of color we get from all the blooming colors of the season. But what about going with a current color trend? As most of you probably already know, tangerine is the HOT color for the year, but what if it's a little too much color for you? Simple. Just try a 'softer' or muted shade of the ever-popular color . . . a nice soft, romantic melon. I personally LOVE this color & really believe it can be paired up with some amazing accent colors as well. How about a melon & grey color scheme? Or pair melon with yellow & a soft pink? The possibilities with this shade are endless & make for a beautiful color palette.

Make sure to visit her blog & check out all the details I wrote about this board & where the inspiration came from!
Here is the actual board to see all of the photo details! 
(links to original sources on the blog) 


Stay tuned for my next contribution over on her blog!
I always try to gather the most unique & fun ideas I can find & I hope you will always find a little 'eye candy' inspiration from it, to add into something YOU are planning!
What was your favorite detail that I found?


  1. What a gorgeous colour scheme!

    1. thank you so much - this is one of my fav colors right now - it's gorgeous! =)

  2. i LOVE every single detail of this post! Those shoes, cakes & bottles are amazing! xoxo

  3. Such a cool, delicious color choice for spring and summer weddings! Lovely board!

    1. Thanks so much for the comment! I totally agree with you - this color scheme is one of my favorites right now & I love it!


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