Tuesday, April 16, 2013

{CRAFTY TIP TUESDAY} How TO repurpose gift bags to placemats

Hi – it’s Melissa from My Party Passion – proud member of Team Eye Candy!  
 In the spirit of Earth Day coming up I am bringing you a tutorial on reusing a common item 
that we probably all have in our home! 

Gift Bags!!

If you are like me you might have a huge box of gift bags that collect from birthday’s, Christmas and other 
holidays.  I do reuse them when I give a gift however, I don’t know if I will EVER be able to use them of all.  
I had an idea for an upcoming party that I am working on – why not reuse them and turn them into placemats 
for the kids!  

The bags that seem to work the best are the ones with the shiny coating on them.  For this project my theme is ladybugs. I had the perfect bag!  Gathering some simply supplies from my craft closet – scissors, glue dots, crepe paper and a sharpie – I went to town!

Cutting the two large sides off the bag I now had my placemats in bare form.  Taking my sharpie I colored the dots and some antennae on them to recreate a ladybug.  

 It needed more…I added some crepe paper fringe to the sides to represent the grass.  The entire project took me about 15 mins to create 2 of them. 

I am so happy with the way they turned out and happier that I reused something I already had in the house. 

Don’t forget to recycle and reuse when you can – it helps our environment and makes you feel good about the future of our planet!
Until next time – Party On Friends!


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  1. Very sweet! I especially like the crepe paper fringe!

  2. This party has been a joy to work on...can't wait to share it all 8)

  3. Melissa- this is adorable! I love it. Especially because the glossy ones are often hard to recycle (few recycling programs take that kind of paper). And this would be great for creating a craft mat for a Christmas craft party (remind me next year if I forget! lol) or even let the kids decorate them. Great inspiration and the best part- so quick and easy :)


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