Tuesday, November 19, 2013

{COLLECTION DEBUT} a Clothing SWAP party :: G.R.E.E.N. Swap 'n SHOP


Today I am so stinkin EXCITED! Why you ask? Because I am FINALLY getting this collection in my shop for you all to enjoy, as it is such a FUN theme & one that everyone can do because it is so versatile.

I'm also excited as I can finally cross this off my "to-post" list . . .  (since I designed it a looooong while ago ;) If you have been a fan of E.C.E.D.'s for awhile then you may remember a certain "Designer's Challenge" I was asked to participate in a couple years ago & there were certain guidelines we had to follow, etc. & well . . .  let's just say . . . I kinda WON the challenge with this design & you can see more about it here. Very humbled I am. Still. ;) 

OK okaaaaay already . . . let me show you everything that comes in this awesome set . . it is SOOOOOO fun!


G.R.E.E.N. "Swap 'n SHOP" collection

Here's what you get in this collection . . . 
1.  paper pack - that includes 3 designs  (see package above)

2. banner - says "Swap", "SHOP" along with some fun hand illustrated graphics

3. toppers/ circles - you get 2 pages of 'Swap Shop' themed graphics with different designs & one page of 'Thank You' ~ use for accents to your table decor - simply cut them out or use a punch, glue to lollipop stick or toothpick & done!

4. signs - 5x7 - comes with 2 different designs

5.  Labels/ Table Tents - fold over, tent style ~ 4 different designs to add decor elements to your table


6. table signs - comes with 4 different designs

7. thank you tags- attach to favors or shopping bags

8. welcome sign

9. Hang Tags - comes with 2 different designs - one page is numbers that are used to pick who goes in what order for the swap. The second page is for decorative use.

You can find the G.R.E.E.N. 'Swap n SHOP' party collection in my Etsy shop! 


There is also a G.R.E.E.N. 'Swap n SHOP' party invitation (of course!)


This collection is packed full of amazing-ness to have a FAB evening with your girlfriends & all without spending ANY money!  Is that not the best part? Total legit swap n shop! Perfect for any time of year & very easy to plan as this set has everything you may need.

Love what you see so far? Well I will be posting all the fun details of this event along with some recipes, how-to's & more, so watch this space for more fun party details & all the 'eye candy'! ;)

If you would like to see it in different colors, just know that I can always change ANY collection in the shop to YOUR color scheme for a small design change fee.

As always, if you EVER have any special custom design party collection idea requests, PLEASE feel free to email me anytime & I can design one for YOU!

Now who is ready to host their own swap n shop? Have you ever been to one before? What would you bring if I invited you over? Let me know  . . . ;)


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  1. Beautiful designs! This collection looks so awesome. :)

    1. thank you so much! It was originally designed for the Designers Challenge a couple years ago that I actually won, so it was a blast to design & I love looking at all the ideas again! Enjoy!


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