Thursday, November 7, 2013

RECIPE :: Caramel Apple Cupcakes

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Today I want to share this simple & YUMMY recipe with you for "Caramel Apple Cupcakes"! I promise it will be simple with a few variations that are sure to please everyone, all using a box cake mix that you can get this time of year. Is your mouth watering yet? Delish looking huh? ;)

caramel apple cupakes with nut topping, fall dessert ideas, cupcakes

Here's is what you will need to make the caramel apple cupcakes:

- grab a box of Pillsbury caramel apple cake mix, some Smucker's caramel sundae syrup, your ingredients to make the cupcakes (from recipe on box) and some cupcake liners, follow the directions & done!

inkgredients to make caramel apple cupcakes, Pillsbury, Smuckers

I want to share with you a few variations on these tasty treats that you will love!

1. While the cupcakes are still warm - not hot, take a fork & poke several holes into the top of the cupcake & squirt some of the Smucker's caramel sauce on top, this way you can enjoy some of the caramel sauce on the inside of the cupcake too. 
This is the perfect alternative for people that like the 'cake' more then the icing.

poking the cupcake, drizzle caramel syrup on cupcakes, caramel sauce

If you like nuts, sprinkle a few on top . . . .yum! 

caramel apple cupcake on mini cupcake stand, fall cupcakes, mini stand

2. another variation is to just ice the cupcakes with your favorite icing BUT I used a simple cream cheese frosting for these suckers!

icing for caramel apple cupcakes, mini cupcake stand, polka dot liners

3. the last variation is MY fave as it gives you a 'surprise' in every bite! ;)
Once they cool, take a spoon or small scoop & 'scoop out' part of the cupcake (sorry forgot to take a pic of this part). Then squirt some of the caramel sauce inside. Once you do that, ice the cupcake as usual & adorn with your favorite toppings. In this case, we used crushed nuts to top off the cupcakes. They TRULY did taste like caramel apples that you get at the fairs. ;)

caramel apple cupcakes with icing & nuts, fall baking, fall desserts
toppings for caramel apple cupcakes, apple recipe, apple baking

What desserts have you made variations of lately? Anything good? 
Let me know what you are baking up this week . . .  

how to make caramel apple cupcakes, nuts, icing, cupcake toppings

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  1. Yum. Who doesn't fall for caramel? Sooo tempting! Thanks a lot for sharing!

    1. not a problem - these were so delish! Wish I could send ya one! ;)

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