Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Change is GOOD :: a NEW NAME

Isn't that the truth. MY dreams ARE scary, but I'm ok with it. And here's ONE of them, I'm sharing with you . . .like right NOW! ;)

Quick, quick announcement!
I just wanted to see how observant you were and see if you even noticed the ever so slight "name change" that happened here on the blog? 

It has changed from "Eye Candy Event Details" to the new name of "Eye Candy Creative Studio". . . . .
ahhhhhh . . . doesn't that sound so much better? 

I think so, as the reason for the change is simple. I have found that I blog more about what I design, what I am creating, what I am crafting or DIY-ing, what I am making over in my home, much more, than actual events. It all is classified as "eye candy" and it's all done in my "creative studio". It is just a much better name and a much better fit. Period.

 What I started out doing years ago is no longer the focus of what I want to do. I want to share with you the "organic" side of me, as I am getting back to my roots . . . what I dearly dearly LOVE with all of my being. Organic art. It's what I went to school for, it's what I get paid to do in my freelance life and it's what I am going to be sharing here with you & what I will be putting my focus in. For the past year, or so I have started back down that road and I am so much happier doing these things that I dearly love again.

Is this change nerve-racking? Is it scary? Heck yeah as I am human and I myself have doubts if I am doing the 'right' thing but I just keep being led in this direction, so this is me following His lead and hoping I wont blow it. ;) 

What can you expect? Well, here's the thing, I am pretty much going to be bringing you the same things, meaning I have no plans for anything going away as I still LOVE blogging about craft tips, my DIY crafting fun, weddings, along with recipes I make from time to time. AND of course, I will still continue to offer up FREE printables every month as I enjoy the feedback on them and I know you all love them, so no worries there.

But what will be added is so much more FUN! I will be sharing illustrations, paintings, hand lettering and so much more of the custom items I am doing. I will be blogging about ideas I have for these things and how YOU will get to enjoy my original works of art. I am working with some outside vendors to make this happen and looking forward to sharing it all soon with you.

In the meantime, make sure you are following on Instagram as I share my artwork there when I am working on something new or when I've grabbed some new art supplies to play with. It's also usually the first place I share a peek into something that is coming or a product I will be adding to the new shop. ;)

I have not completely changed everything yet to the new name. I pretty much have only changed the blog name and address here. Look for a new FB page name, you will NOT have to like a new page, I will just merge the new one into the existing one. I also will be changing my other social media names as well if I can get them to match better, if not, they will stay. But know that if you already follow me, you need not do anything as I will be changing everything on my end so it's easy for you. I just wanted to at least make this FORMAL announcement as some people have noticed and I didn't want to keep it from you any longer.

Thanks for being a fan, following me & here's to being creative together . . .

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for you to let me know what you think of the new name, what you will be curious to see . . . paintings, prints, hand lettering, illustration work . . .or maybe something you want me to keep around . . . what? I am excited to hear what you have to say . . . Please comment below . . .

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  1. I Love the new seems more "grown up" and classy 8) Step in the right direction! XO

    1. thank you - it's such a long time coming, but Lord help me. I'll get there! ;)


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