Friday, February 28, 2014

Art Print :: Lucky In Love

lucky, st pattys day art, shamrock, green & gold, st pattys day decor

AHHHHHHH . . . finally!
Here it is my first official hand lettered art print for sale. I have been dreaming about offering these for quite some time and well TODAY, today is the first of many to come! Everyone say YAY! ;)

Since St. Patrick's Day is coming up next, I thought I would design one with that holiday in mind. Ya know, something that would look good framed and sitting on a mantel and also fit in with your st. patty's day decor of green and gold. So without further adieu . . . I give you . . . "Lucky in Love"

st patty day home decor, st pattys day art print, lucky in love art print

lucky in love art print, st pattys day art, st patrick's day artwork
lucky in love, green & gold, st pattys day decor, green home decor

This is the first art print I have made available from one of my hand lettered designs. It came to be after I hand lettered the word 'love' and converted it into a digital design, added digital gold glitter to it then paired it up with the shamrock and green type design. It is now the first, of many, to come. ;) 

So jump on over to the shop to get your "Lucky In Love" hand lettered digital print today. It's just perfect to hang up in your home or give to a special someone.

AND I am offering to do CUSTOM hand lettering prints as well. So if you think you have a FAB idea, get with me soon, as I only have a limited amount of time I am devoting to 'custom work' at the moment. Just let me know what you'd like. I have sooooo many more ideas coming with these but am totally open to hearing your suggestions. So please sound off below or shoot me an email . . . at 

So tell me what you think???

st pattys day decor, mantel decorating, st pattys day art, green & gold

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