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St Patty's Day :: Shamrock Party of Three

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The Shamrock Party of Three
by Melissa

Top O’The Mornin’ To Ya folks.  It’s Melissa O’Newell comin’ atcha from the Emerald Isle…well not really but it got you in the mood, right? With the LONG Winter we are having across the US, I found myself LONGING for the next holiday to celebrate…something to cheer about…make us all smile. What better holiday than St. Patrick’s Day!

shamrock party, st pattys day decor, four leaf clover

It gives me great joy to celebrate with our children. Remember it does not have to be a party of 10 to kick up the heals and do the jig. 

Today I bring you The Shamrock Party of Three! (afterall shamrocks have 3 leaves…) I created a simple little tablescape for our children to get them in the St. Patty’s Day mood. 

shamrock party, st pattys day party place setting, milk bottles

We are really doing well on our “less is more” motto when it comes to sugar.  I have vowed this year not to have a ton of sugary sweets at the party tables anymore.   So far, mission accomplished!

 For this party, I decided to mix the dark chocolate (organic, fair trade no less) with some salty pretzels. It fills all the yummy salty and sweet flavors at the same time.  The kids won’t miss the lollipops, candybars, gumballs at all. (watch for the quick tutorial on these cuties)

luck o the irish, me pot o gold, kiss me i'm irish, st pattys day toppers, st pattys day tags
luck o the irish, st pattys day decor, four leaf clover

It was easy to dress up these cellophane bags using the Kids Party Squares from Eye Candy Event Details’ Etsy shop.  After trimming them, I stuck them to a little larger green tag and tied them with some green festive bakers twine to finish off these “goodie bags”.  

kiss me i'm irish toppers, st pattys day tags, party tags

Some other fun items that the children will be getting….themed tattoos, rainbow rings and some beaded necklaces.  

shamrock party, milk bottles, st pattys day decor

Another way I used these St. Patrick’s Day party squares was to trim them and stick them to green foil cupcake papers (opened up).  I love the way the foil shines with the party squares. 

st pattys day decor, me pot o gold, luck o the itish, st pattys day fun

luck o the irish, shamrock party, st pattys deay deocr

I know the children will appreciate some spring colors in the house and the fun of St. Patrick’s Day!
Until next time – Party On Friends and don’t’ forget to Kiss the Irish!

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  1. Children and almost all the guests love chocolates. They are very nicely packed. I liked the stuffs for birthday party.


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