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DIY Craft :: Anthropology Book Letter Knock Off

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Anthropology Book Letter Knock Off
by Jessica

Hi, it’s Jessica from Everyday Party Magazine sharing an Anthropology knock off DIY.   

In the spring issue of Everyday Party Magazine, My Thrifty Sister shared a lovely books and brunch party for her book club friends.  Included in her beautiful table center piece was an Anthropology book letter.  I knew I needed to have one of my own! I also knew that going into an Anthropology store is nearly as dangerous to my wallet as a trip to Pottery Barn.  I knew I could make a similar book letter for just a few dollars and about an hour of work.   

* A book you don’t care to read (again).  I bought mine at the thrift store for just $2 
* Painter’s tape 
* Decorative paper  
* A straight edge tool  
* A marker and a pencil 
* Scissors 
* Spray adhesive (I prefer 3M brand, or Elmer’s) 
* A jigsaw or a bandsaw 

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First, tape your book closed with the painter’s tape.  Once you have your book closed securely, draw your letter on the cover with a sharpie.  You can use a printed letter or you can free hand it, I chose to free hand it.  

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Once you are happy with the look of the letter, clamp the book to the table and cut it out with your jigsaw. (I wasn’t able to get any picture of this step because I did this project on my own) Or, if you use a bandsaw, simply follow your lines and cut out your letter.  It is very important to be careful while cutting your letter out.  Also, remember to keep the book’s original binding as in tact as possible when you cut your letter out. 

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Once your letter is cut out, remove the tape and trace the letter on your decorative paper.  Leave a 1/4” border on the paper letter when you cut it, and cut the boarder in sections, leaving tabs to fold over.  

preparing letter to be cut, bandsaw, book letter knock off

Dry fit the paper, if it fits, spray a liberal amount of spray adhesive to the paper and carefully apply it to the book letter, gently smoothing any bubbles as you go.  Then, fold the tabs over to the inside of the book.  Repeat these steps for the back cover as well. 

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book letter, how to make a knock off letter from Anthropology

Now, the inside of the book cover and back need to be dressed up some to cover the tabs.  I chose a coordinating color, and traced the letters again.  This time, I cut them a tiny bit inside the trace lines to keep it from over lapping to the front and back sides.  Dry fit it again, and if you are happy with the fit, apply a liberal amount of spray adhesive to the colored paper and apply it to the inside covers.  

book cover, book letter craft idea, teacher gift idea, bandsaw

I added a strip of washi tape to the inner edge as well. Finally, measure the spine of your book and cover it with coordinating paper cut to size and spray with more adhesive spray.   

washi tape, book letter how ro, teacher appreciation week, gift ideas

If you prefer a more monochromatic look, this would look 
AMAZING sprayed with chrome spray paint too!  



Guest Contributor: Jessica Roe

Jessica is a DIY’er and the editor in chief of Everyday Party Magazine.  When she isn’t styling parties for her magazine, she can be found tinkering with tools or playing at Disney with her family.

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