Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy 11th Birthday Skylar

Today my daughter turns 11.


 Why do they grow up so fast. I can still remember her 1st birthday just like it was yesterday . . . and then here she is this morning. ;)


 I am so so so lucky that God choose ME to be this little girl's mother. She is the greatest GIFT I've ever received, besides MY faith. 
Even from the time she was just a tiny little thing, she has been quite the character!

She is so funny. Extremely considerate.
Loves to play with Barbies still & is always designing something on her rainbow loom.
She loves the Lord, is very involved in the church and will tell you all about Him.

She loves to craft, draw, sing and dance.
She also plays the violin.
She wants to learn the flute this year so she can play in her school's band.
She is also going to be a cheerleader.

She is my little best friend & she will always have my heart.
I am so proud of this amazing little girl and hope she is always happy.
I love you more, sweet pea!
Love, Momma

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