Monday, May 12, 2014

Business Cards :: Promoting Yourself at a Conference


What do you hand out at a conference?!

Last month I had the opportunity to {finally} attend SNAP conference as I have been wanting to go for a few years and it worked out this year for me to go. What is SNAP conference you ask? Oh just this uber amazing conference where a ton of creative women & a couple men gather to join forces and take over the blogging world. LOL . . .what you didn't believe that last line? ;) Seriously, we all gather in one place and spend about 4 days together learning from each other, connecting with brands, listening to amazing speakers, attending jam-packed classes, having dance parties, going on fun outings and just being ourselves all in a judge-free zone. Sounds amazing doesnt it?

Well it is. BUT. What the heck do you bring to one of these conferences to promote yourself??? I started keeping my ears open to hear what others were doing since this was my FIRST time attending SNAP, I really wanted to make sure to do something cool and fab right? PLUS I had just re-branded and given myself a small 'name change' so new cards needed to be done anyway! ;)

I heard "oh just bring the standard business cards as no one wants all the frills with the special ones". Special ones? What did they mean "special ones"? And then I found out that people design these amazing business cards and then gave a "special" gift along with it . . .ya know  . . . to make it memorable! 

The business design part was NOT a problem since after all, I am a graphic designer. Then I heard you should put your photo on your card so the brands you talk to and all of the people you meet will remember you. OK, photo on business card - check!

Then I decided at the last minute that I SHOULD make some "special" business cards as I was so looking forward to meeting all of these amazing bloggers so surely I wanted to leave them with a special gift because after all, they will be my new friends right? So off to making art prints I went.

I have recently started sharing my hand lettering pieces with my fans, that I have been doing for years so I decided to make a mini one for everyone I met. AND I chose the word "CREATE" since it IS my "one little word" for the year! 
So this is what everyone received that I met at SNAP. It's the perfect size to put in a frame & keep it as a reminder to CREATE something everyday! ;)

(btw - I will have this CREATE art print available in my shop soon but email me if you can't wait ;)

But that's NOT all. I felt like I needed to do something just a little bit extra & then it hit me. Why not play up on my name! Ya know, the part of my name that says "candy"?

So I went and purchased packs of hot pink and neon green Sixlets to attach to the back of my promo package I was handing out to everyone. Because it IS all about branding - so the colors HAD to match! ;)

And if you met me at SNAP, I said something that went like this . . . 
"Hello my name is Laura and I designed you some eye candy, attached some candy and it's all from Eye Candy (creative studio)!"
Corny? YES. But I got quite a few laughs & people loved them. YAY me!

I really do love how they turned out & I specifically made 100 of them to hand out so it would force me to get out and meet & talk to 100 new people. I think I came home with about 10 left so that was pretty good. I did however have extra business cards as well that I handed out too so I DID hand out more then 100 business cards but just about 90 "special ones".

It was so much fun to see what other people did/used to promote themselves and make it memorable. I think after going, that doing a "special" card with an extra something IS effective when the item you are using to make it "special" is useful to people. I saw plenty of silly things attached to cards and I didn't mind them at all but someone else may have thought it unnecessary. I say do what you want. Make an impression whether it be silly or not, after all isn't that the point . . . to make YOURSELF memorable?

Have you ever attended a blogging conference and thought to create a "special package" to hand out to people? What creative ideas did you come up with? I would love to hear from you below . . . .



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  1. FUN!!!! and I must say I am a little jelly you got to go this year. I was soo excited when I heard it was in Utah this year. So close to Oregon and a perfect road trip. Sadly my job had a black out on time off for March-end of May so I couldn't go. I am absolutely going in 2015! So glad you got to go.

    1. Maybe you will get a chance to go next year as it's soooo worth it! ;)

  2. Girl, your cards match your branding to the T!! I'm especially enamored by your hand lettering. It takes skill and talent (to which I lack) to bust out your dreamy hand lettering!

    You were a total lifesaver with those sixlets I may add. Mid-afternoon crash was averted because of those bad boys!!

    So nice to meet you as well!!

    Trisha D.
    Black and White Obsession

    1. trisha you ARE the sweetest! Thanks so much for crushin on my hand lettering & your sweet words about my branding - it means alot. Girl I have some more coming soon to my shop ;) SO glad to know you now & we'll stay in touch. =)


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