Tuesday, May 13, 2014

PARTY PEEK :: Rainbow Loom Birthday Party


I still can not believe another one of my daughter's birthdays has come and gone already. We had her 11th birthday party about a week and a half ago and I although I am still working on the photos to share with you all, I wanted to share a peek into the fun that was her "Rainbow Loom" birthday party! 

This girl is rainbow loom crazy and even has been selling her creations for some time, so I was NOT surprised when she came to be and suggested this theme for her party. After all it IS all the rage right now. And what the girl wants, she usually gets. ;)



Every year, I LOVE working with people in the 'party world' as it gives me the opportunity to work with some AMAZING women when I need something for a party. This year was no different but I worked with less people than years past as this year was so busy and I did a lot of this last minute.

You will soon get to see more of their work for this party but at least wanted to share a 'peek' of what's to come from them plus take a moment to give them a huge THANK YOU for working with me this year!!! xoxoxo

~ First up is Brittany from Edible Details who designed some fun toppers from the design on my invite I sent to her along with mini toppers I used on some brownie pops that you will get to see later. But here's a peek . . .

~ I also contacted Carmen from The Flair Exchange as I needed a custom tissue bunting for this rainbow party as I had a little color variation on what you usually see. I had no purple & used pink, so custom it was and she delivered as always.

~ Keisha from Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams was a life saver for the balloons I needed as I waited too long to order them & asked if anyone could help me out at the last minute & she came through for me & I LOVED them!


I promise I will have more posts about this FAB birthday party coming up but in the meantime, enjoy a few more peeks . . . . 


We had such a great time. She said it was awesome. It's all about the memories. When we give them the memories, spend the time . . . when they are young, those will be the things they remember when they get older.
Happy Birthday sweet pea.


Have a great day & I'll be back soon!

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  1. My girls are in love with Rainbow Loom and this party looks like so much fun! Can't wait to see more!!

    1. Thanks so much - it WAS fun! Thanks for checking it out & I hope to have the full party post up sometime within the next couple weeks! ;)

  2. wow.. this is wonderful birthday party. i think it was really fun and enjoyment. all decoration is wonderful and amazing..


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