Friday, February 13, 2015

ART PRINT :: Love You Madly

valentines day art, sweetest day, wedding art, anniversary, hand lettering

This week's new hand lettered art print is coming just in time to use at as a gift to a loved one. It could be a boyfriend, husband, friend or anyone you have mad love for! I have added it to the shop and is available for purchase. 

How nice would this print be in a frame with a big fat bow wrapped around it? Pretty sweet I'd say . . . ;)

hand lettered art print, love you, gift idea, framed art print, valentines

You can find the 'love you madly' hand lettered art print in my shop and I would love to hear how you will be using it. Enjoy!

valentines day print, arrow, hand lettering, pen and ink, modern calligraphy
modern calligraphy, valentine, wedding, shower, anniversary, gift idea

AND as a reminder, I am offering to do CUSTOM hand lettering prints as well. So if you think you have a FAB idea shoot me an email . . . at and we'll chat!
So tell me what you think of this week's print? Let me know below or one that you would like to see in the shop! ;) Thanks.

valentine gift idea, hand lettering, hand lettered art print, love you

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  1. I adore your new print. It is fun and whimsical and sends the perfect message.

  2. Thia is really cute for a loved one to receive.

  3. I absolutely love this one. It fits my family perfectly! I am going to have to check out your Etsy shop!

  4. I really love this and I love how you frame with the red polka dot, lovely

  5. This print is a lot of fun. I think it would be cute framed in a little girls bedroom as well.

  6. How fab is this? I can't draw a straight line to save my life ha ha. Thanks for sharing, I'll give it a go.

  7. This is so pretty! I really need to learn and practice hand lettering!

  8. This is a lovely print. This would actually look really good on my daughter's wall in her bedroom. She has her bedroom decorated like with pinks and blacks!

  9. Love it! Looks great framed in red.

  10. This is so lovely. My handwriting became bad lately. Need to practice more.

  11. Art prints are so fun and personal! I'd love to try my hand at this some day. Lovely print!

  12. I love it. Going over to check out your store right now!

  13. I've always liked red, black and white together, and the polka dots are so perfect for the Valentine's Day holiday. This would look cute hanging in an office.


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