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One Little Word 2015 :: TODAY

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Adverb : on or during the present day

  Noun :: this day
:: the present time

 Synonyms :: anymore, currently, nowadays, presently, right now


One little word. It can mean so many things. It only has as much power as you allow it to have. But when you DO give a word power, one little word, it can be amazing! I have always loved setting goals at the beginning of every year to keep myself motivated and on track with my life and my business but every since I heard of the 'one little word' concept, I was on board! So now I just choose one little word every year and it helps so much. 

My only problem is, it usually takes a little longer for my one little word to find me. Last month, I thought I had my word figured out but then something just didn't feel right about it so I waited and I'm glad I did.

I feel like you NEED your word to find you. To follow you out of a situation or perhaps lead you into one. You need it to stand for something that motivates you or keeps you driven.

The first year I chose HOPE, as it was only fitting because of what I had been going through personally & health-wise and I loved that word. Still do. HOPE is such a powerful word and will always be a favorite of mine. In fact it may be my all-time favorite as I am still drawn to it so so much. Then last year I chose CREATE as my one little word. It was the perfect word for last year, especially after my name change and I did a LOT of creating and still am.

what you do today, today is my one little word, OLW


BUT this year, this year's word finally found me just the other day and I think it's perfect for me. My One Little Word for 2014 is going to be  . . .


Why TODAY? What does this mean to me? 

Well when searching for my word, I thought about what I wanted it to represent and how it would affect my life. It made me look inside and discover some things about myself that I wanted to improve on, get better at or try to change this year.

For instance, I have a tendency to worry about tomorrow. That needs to stop. It is also easier said than done. I am making progress already because I have noticed I'm a little more relaxed, not so high-strung with some things. My faith did that and is helping in this way, since we are only to focus on today because tomorrow is not promised, so why in the heck am I robbing myself of the joy and the moments of TODAY with worry? That has to stop and hopefully this year I will make a total 360 with this. At least I am trying. ;)

quote from Mother Teresa, OLW, TODAY is my one little word


I'm also a  . . . what you would call a professional 'starter'. Yup. Hello my name is Laura and I am a starter. I LOVE starting projects, getting 2/3's of the way done with them, get bored with it and never finish. How crazy is that? The best part is the finished product right? Well I guess with me, it's the starting part - I'm so weird I know. So this year I am gonna finish some projects TODAY. I have decided that I will make realistic mini goals every day that I can finish so I can say to myself "look at everything I accomplished TODAY" instead of "uggghhh this is all the stuff I did NOT get done" . . . this is going to work as I have already implemented this and it is helping me get 'er done already and is quite motivating! ;)

what you do today is important, OLW, today is my one little word

TODAY. What we do TODAY is important because we are exchanging a day of our life for it. 

All I can say is WOW. I don't know about you but that really resonated with me, as sometimes, (ok alot of times) I am guilty of saying, "later" or "we'll do that tomorrow" and then I do something really dumb instead in it's place that does not even matter but I think it does at the time I said that. So the choices I make with HOW I spend my time now are viewed differently. I am relieving myself of the 'guilt' I used to have when I want to take a moment for myself or run out to do something fun with my daughter when we should be doing chores or homework. I am starting to live more for TODAY and my daughter is seeing all of this and I know that the lesson will be so worth it for her to learn as well. I am teaching her to love TODAY and embrace it with two big open arms!

make today ridiculously amazing, OLW, one little word

TODAY I want to make sure I am on the right path with my business. Sometimes it takes trying new things. Learning something unfamiliar to keep me on track. I have a tendency to put those things off because I think it won't matter right now or they seem like too much work. I feel good about where I am heading and have lots of ideas that I would like to make happen this year. I also need to work on key areas that are outside of my expertise so I have to rely on someone else to help. I have already started with this. I am taking steps to improving in the areas I need and it feels so go to check them off the huge "to-do" list. I just need to do it TODAY as it only helps in the long run.

do somthing today that your future self will thank you for, OLW, one little word

TODAY is sometimes all we have. We never know if it is the last day here. Life changes in a second so make sure to make it count every. single. day. Make TODAY all about what YOU want as much as you can. I am.

Max Lucado quote, OLW, one little word, motivational quote

Do YOU have a one little word? I would love to ink your word into an art print for you so you could have a reminder to keep you motivated and focused for the year. Check out the examples I have done for some clients and their one little word here to see what I could do for you.

I would LOVE to hear from you and know if you are doing the "One Little Word" this year and what exactly YOUR word is? Perhaps you will start now with me . . .if you do, let me know that too below . . . let's do this. ;)

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  1. My word for 2015 is Encouragement I need to have you do one for me to hang in my little office.

    1. that IS a great word & you are such a great encourager! Thanks for all of your support! =)


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