Sunday, February 22, 2015

ART PRINTS :: Custom 'One Little Word' Prints Available

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Hello there! I am so excited to be sharing some of my latest "OLW" (one little word) art prints with you all today! I am sure you have heard about the "OLW" trend but if not, basically it is choosing a word for the year instead of doing resolutions and I personally, love doing this as it gives me just ONE thing to focus on and try to do well instead of a million. Works for me!
I have been getting requests to ink people's "OLW" for the year, so I thought I would share some of them with you and share how you can get your own done as well.  These look so great framed, or blown up to a poster size and used as a daily reminder to focus on your one little word! Plus they make an amazing piece of art if I do say so myself! ;)
If you follow me on Instagram, then you have already seen most of these prints PLUS ones I am currently 'inking' and working on, as that is where all the 'behind the scenes' action is documented.
What I really enjoy the most about these, is seeing the words people choose and discovering the story behind why they chose it! Of course I am super humbled to be asked to do this for people too as it is such a personal thing. 
discover, grow, live, hope, #OLW, one little word, hand lettering, hand lettered art prints

I would love the opportunity to ink your #OLW for you . . .  just simply choose the custom word art option in my shop, to get your custom OLW design inked just for you!

I will be sharing my personal #OLW later this week as it took awhile to decide on a word but I am finally there! YAY!
#OLW, custom hand lettered art print, grow, pen and ink, pink flowers
one little word art print, hope, #OLW, hand lettering, custom art
discover, custom art work, hand lettered art print, #OLW, green chevron washi tape
live, hand lettered custom art, hand lettering, #OLW, one little word, pink and green confetti
I am always working on inking some new art prints for the shop and adding them as I can. If you have a great idea for a print, I would love to hear it so shoot me an email at and we'll chat!
More designs are available in the shop to purchase for yourself & to add to your decor or to give as a gift. They are perfect to frame, gift to a friend, or wrap up as a gift . . . everyone loves a great art print to decorate their space! I do. ;)
So tell me what you think??? Which one is you favorite? What's YOUR one little word this year? Let me know below . . .


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  1. LalalalaLOVE these! I usually have favorite letters but you make them all so fab it would be hard to pick a fav!


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