Wednesday, April 1, 2015

ART PRINTS :: Week 4 - 30 Day EC Creative INK Challenge

30 days of eye candy creative studio hand lettered ink project, hand lettering

Hello! Can you believe I am sharing week 4, which is the FINAL week of the challenge already? (sad face) I loved doing this 30 days of creative INK challenge so much and you all made it so much more for me as well. I have so enjoyed chatting with you, reading all of the encouraging comments and love you have given to me, which means I NEED to do this again soon! ;) 

The whole point of this challenge was to set a goal and push myself to be better, be more, reach a goal, keep up with my skill and HOPEFULLY inspire you all along the way. Some of you have sent the sweetest notes to me that made this whole challenge more worthwhile than I had ever dreamed it being. Doing things like this is so good for my soul and I am assuming good for yours as well, as it fueled us all, which is was inspiration can do!

I was so happy that so many of you gave me amazing 'fan suggestions' to ink and as you know, I used quite a few of them. I would guess at least 40% of what I did was based on your suggestions which also means all of those people will be getting their suggestion sent digitally to them. If I used your suggestion, I will need you to send me an email to me at so I have your email and can get you your print just as soon as I get them scanned in, cleaned up and ready to send out.

I hope you will continue to follow me
via Instagram as I have some ideas planned for my next challenge and also some great ideas planned for these so you don't want to miss it! ;)

Here is what WEEK 4 of the #30daysECcreativeINK brought us . . .

hand lettering, He is risen, let your faith be bigger than your fear, you are fearfully & wonderfully made
hand lettering, art prints, be awesome, kids prints, inspirational prints
let go and let God, Cheers, don't believe me just watch, hand lettered prints

all you need is love, hand lettering, song lyrics, art prints hand lettered

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Does anyone care to share your thoughts on this challenge? What was your fave? Hope to hear your feedback below . . . .

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