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SNEAK PEEK :: Craft Birthday Party Theme

get your craft on, girls birthday party idea, chevron, hand illustrated

It's that time of year . . . that time of year when my daughter's birthday party is right around the corner and I'm sharing the theme! This year has been a little different for a couple reasons: we have had a lot going on in our family and sometimes these birthdays sneak up faster then expected, so I've been scrambling, as usual, to pull off another great party for her. I'm praying it all comes together by this weekend. ;)

This is also the year she turned TWELVE which means the last year of being an official "kid" since next year starts the phase that ends in the word . . ."teen". Since she is my only kid it always makes everything with her the first and the last which also has lots of emotions mixed in as well. Don't get me wrong I loooooooove the person she is and who she is becoming and could not be more proud of her but she is also clinging to that 'kid' in her too so I love seeing that and watching how she transitions. I just wish she could stay this age a little while longer. ;) And kids just rock! They do. They are the most honest people in the world and boy do they know how to have a good time and loads of FUN! Why grow up ya know? lol

Anyways this year's theme took a little longer as well because of the age and it being in that weird 'in between' phase of not wanting to look to 'kiddish' but definitely not wanting to push the teen card just yet. She (as usual) came up with the theme which is perfect for her and her friends and I am so looking forward to this party as it is going to be so much fun and something they we'll all walk away remembering . . . a "CRAFT Birthday Party".

birthday party theme, kids crafting, blue tissue garland, hand lettering

The girl chose her favorite color pairing right now, for this party theme: royal and teal. (even though I tried telling her this is NOT teal but rather more of a mint or a aquamarine but you pick your battles.) lol So that's what we went with plus she wanted some chevron  . . . I have noooooo idea where she gets these ideas! ;)
She also wanted me to 'ink' something for her party and what better time to have a hand lettered piece as part of the decor than a craft party! So of course I obliged and added it to her invite! Perfect right?


get your craft on, hand lettering, chevron owl, illustration, birthday party

And then there's the story of this adorable little owl and how it came to be. As I mentioned, we have had a lot of family things going on that we have had to tend to, so time was not on our side as her birthday date started approaching. I was in my office one day and mentioned that I just HAD to get the invites done that particular day to allow for enough time for her friends to RSVP . . . (we are talking it was less than 2 weeks to go- ugghh) so I am working on some ideas and the next thing I know, she walks in with this picture . . . of this owl she had drawn and asked if this is something I could use as she drew it to help me and to save me time. 

My.Heart.Melted. Yup - right there in my office. I so puffy heart that girl so much I can't stand it. To which, of course, I replied, "of course we are going to use this as YOU designed it and I love it!"

I simply cleaned it up a little and changed the colors she used to match but she is so stinkin proud to be able to say that she helped DESIGN her birthday invites! 

Girl is after my job, I just know it! ;) lol

chevron owl, kids illustation, kids artwork, birthday invite art, hand drawn
chevron owl, birthday invite, craft party invite, get your craft on, birthday theme

I am happy to report that EVERYONE is coming that we invited and she is so psyched. I have so much left to do as the craft supplies alone are a challenge to get round up plus making decor and the food . . . but I think we are almost there. ;) I hope.

I am always posting sneak peeks on Instagram if you want to follow along & see the mad rush to get all the crafts I am making done plus all the craziness . . .I mean FUN, of the next few days! ;) 

get your craft on, chevron owl, birthday party theme, craft party invite

So what do you think of the theme? I would love to hear from you, leave a comment below please! Have you ever thrown a crafting party for your kids or even yourself with your friends? Ever been to one? What did you like best?

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  1. I am sure S. had a great birthday weekend! Can't wait to see the pictures!


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