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JOIN ME :: SoFabU On the Road in Cincinnati

I am writing this post in exchange for a discounted conference ticket but all opinions are mine alone.  
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I am so very excited to be attending this exciting event next Saturday April 25 and meet up with some local bloggers from around the tri-state!!! Are you going? Tickets are going fast! 
What is this SoFab that you speak of, you say? Well, short version is, let me just tell you . . . it's a whole lot of amazingness and the chance to connect with some local bloggers at a one day conference. Any time I want to connect with bloggers that I have met online, I typically have to buy an airline ticket and book a hotel room to do so but NOT this time! I am so pumped that this one is local and it is only coming to select cities across the U.S. and this one just happens to be happening just a short drive from me . . . in the good 'ol Queen City that is  . . . CINCINNATI!!!! YAY! 
Please tell me I have some local bloggers who follow this blog that may be perhaps going or maybe you didn't even know this was happening and now you may want to go! Trust me, from what I have heard from my blogger friends online who have attended already in the other cities, they said it is a MUST to attend! They received a boatload of info to use and are so thankful they went! Plus the best thing, is it's only ONE DAY! Make sure to let me know so I can meet up with you! 

Ok so seriously now, what is SoFabU on the road

It is a unique event that allows influencers (bloggers who are working with national brands) to take advantage of educational opportunities that will help set them a part from the rest. I have been a part of this network for a few months and I have gotten to work with some amazing brands and share my ideas with you in these posts from: Target for the release of Big Hero 6, Sam's Club and Skittles, and also SnackPack pudding, just to name a few. I LOVE working with Social Fabric and Collective Bias as I feel like they are giving me the push to continue to always give my best here on this blog. Plus the brands that they have set me up with have been nothing short of AMAZING! ;)

SoFabU on the Road also features hands-on, interactive sessions for influencers to implement what they're learning on the spot. The sessions are paired with fun city-specific adventures where attendees get to practice their newly learned skills. You don't have to be a part of their organization already to attend,  the events are open to all bloggers and influencers!

Here are all the details on this event: 
DateApril 25th at Ahalogy in Cincinnati - you can get the address and more info about the event on the Cincinnati page.
One of the speakers that we are going to get the pleasure of hearing from, is Joe Robb, who's background is in marketing strategy, pedagogy, digital media, SEO, editing and writing. He is the Digital Marketing Director at, a multi-platform media and technology company with leading health, fitness and food websites and mobile apps.

His Session is:  Smart Syndication: Grow Your Blog Traffic with Less Effort
Attendees will walk away with a solid understanding of how to pair analytics data (Google, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook) with common, free publishing tools to grow their audience with data-driven processes. With the tactics provided, you will increase your site traffic without dramatically increasing the amount of time you currently dedicate to social media.

During the day we will also be hearing from brand panels, networking with our fellow peers, exploring other learning opportunities and peer reviews. We'll also have a session with Nate Engels as he will be sharing the ingredients for a great sponsored post (and creating tasteworthy photos!) This will be an adventure that I am sure will be, not only a blast, but very engaging and beneficial as well.

Nate Engels will walk through creating a custom recipe around a brand's product and how he tells a story around the recipe that will draw the reader into the emotional tie to the brand and blog post. From styling the plate, to the props, lighting and background, we'll learn how to create a visual gourmet image. He'll show how he takes beautiful photos (even without natural light) and manipulates the images to spotlight the food. We'll form groups where we will use props and creativity to produce photos on the spot. Then Nate will share how to make so-so photos into WOW! Shareable images through simple techniques and tools like Picmonkey.

Please make sure to check out the agenda on the SoFabOTR website for more on the day's activites and learning experiences planned.  
As with any conference, sponsors make a huge difference to an event, as far as support goes. So I would like to THANK these national sponsors:  Johnny RocketsMüllerKraft and iBlog, who so kindly will be the official sponsors for the CINCINNATI event!
Ok so what if you are reading this and you are NOT near Cincinnati but you want to check it out? You are in luck! Here is the list of the locations they are coming to:
April – Cincinnati
April – Seattle
May – Dallas
June – NYC
July – Chicago
Aug. – Minneapolis
Sept. – Atlanta
Oct. – Bentonville

Oh and did I mention that they limit the tickets to the first 50 people? Yup, they do plus they are expecting to SELL OUT! Keeping it cozy is the way to go to achieve that good quality time right? ;) Make sure to grab your ticket now! AND make sure to let me know if I will be seeing you there! Just leave me a comment below . . .

About Collective Bias and Social Fabric
Collective Bias® is the only shopper social media company that solves shopper marketing problems by weaving together organic social content with engaging, real-life stories to generate millions of impressions, increased share of voice, SEO and retail sales for brands and retailers. Top brands such as Tyson, Nestlé and Duane Reade rely on Collective Bias to sell their stories socially. Based in Bentonville, Arkansas, with satellite offices in New York City, Chicago, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Cincinnati and London, Collective Bias was named one of America's 25 Most Promising Companies by Forbes and a part of the Inc. 5000.

Social Fabric® is Collective Bias’ proprietary community of nearly 3,000 shopping-focused influencers with an aggregate multichannel reach in excess of 130 million.


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