Wednesday, May 27, 2015

LETTERING :: Wedding Signage

please sign our guest book, navy & coral wedding decor, hand lettering

Hey there you guys!
I am popping in today to share a couple, of the custom orders that I have been working on lately. Both of these just happen to be for weddings (which I am loving) but we all know that hand lettered items work perfectly for any event, so please contact me anytime! ;)

I also have a huge job for a client coming up that involves menus, signage and a few more things that I can't wait to get in there and 'ink' as I have seen some of the decor for this event and she is going ALL IN!! ;) It will be FAB!

These first signs were for a bride that is getting married, on the beach this weekend and she requested dark blue card stock with white lettering and coral accents. She wanted a variety of signage around her event. Some of these were for the reception area and her popcorn bar (doesn't that sound delish?) and others she had me make for their guests. One says "take one, if you're chilly' and the other is encouraging them to take a pair of flip flops, if they would like. Signs like this are a perfect, yet subtle way, to make sure your guests know what is expected or what they 'can' take, so make sure when you plan your next event, to think about if the guests will know what you want them to do. Having a simple sign can help so much!

popcorn bar signs, flip flops for the beach sign, beach wedding ideas
popcorn bar sign, beach wedding, navy wedding, coral & navy wedding
flip flops on the beach, dancing shoes, beach wedding, hand lettering

Along with inking matching table tents cards with all of the different flavors of popcorn for her, I also was asked to create some other larger table tents signs to have around the event.

cards for the couple, please sign our guest book, please take a seat
please sign our guest book, hand lettering, navy wedding, hand lettering

The white table tents were for a different event and I was asked to ink certain cake flavors on white cards with grey ink and gold accents. This person requested more of a casual writing, so you can see the difference just with these two jobs of the various styles and the look they give.

Please feel free to inquire about some hand lettered items for a party or event you may be having. You will have your choice of paper as well as ink color choice. Just email me with your ideas and we can make it happen and I will be sure you get the 'eye candy' you imagined! ;)

cake flavor table tents, hand lettering, wedding decor ideas, wedding signage
wedding table tents, white table tents for wedding, cake flavors, hand lettering
silver & gold table tents, wedding signage, wedding cake, german chocolate

Hope you enjoyed the latest peek into my custom work and I look forward to sharing more very soon! Make sure to keep an eye out! ;)

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  1. These are too cute! I will definitely be on the lookout for more custom work for you. It looks like you love doing it and it shows! They are gorgeous! <3

  2. These all look so great! So very pretty, and all I would gift out for sure! You are very talented, I wish I was as crafty or talented but sadly I didn't get those genes! So I am for sure someone who is always on the look out for stuff like this! - Jeanine

  3. I love your signs! I love lettering and am decent at it naturally, but I need some training to make my work more uniform. Love your work!

  4. Customized cards make the event more intimate and personal. I think you did an awesome job with the cards and they are really pretty. I love how classy and simple it looks too.

  5. These are beautiful! You are so talented, I wish I could make something like this. I followed you on Instagram too!

  6. I love your eye candy! Those hand lettered cards are fabolous!They're look classy, simple but elegant.

  7. I would love to use these to give as personalized gifts to friends and family. They are so creative and elegant and really pretty to display.

  8. You do such a great job with hand lettering, I can't image handwriting all of those out! I love the look of the white on silver ones!

  9. This is amazing, you're so talented! I can't do art to save my life but I always love to admire other people's work and talent.

  10. Wow, these are beautiful. You are so talented. I wish I was as skilled with lettering as you are.


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