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SHOPPING :: IKEA finds [May edition]

living room, home decor, green & grey home, quatrefoil rug, shopping at IKEA

Hello and welcome to another addition of 'IKEA shopping finds', which is what I share that caught my eye, on my latest trip to IKEA!!! As you know, IKEA is one of my fave stores ev-aaaaaa! I haven't had an opportunity to go as often as I wanted to yet this year because well . . . LIFE . . . has gotten in the way a little bit lately, so ya gotta do that and then hit the 'fun stuff'. I made it happen this past weekend and I'm here to share with you what caught my eye this go around!

I'm already planning my next trip as I have a few areas of my home that are about to get some 'mini makeovers' and IKEA always has the goods for me! I know a lot of you enjoy shopping there as well, so if you would like to see what I found on my last couple trips, feel free to check out my finds here and when I went in January.

On this trip there I grabbed a couple items for a project I am working on, that I will share here soon, and of course all of the inspiration everywhere had me snapping ideas to share here for you! Enjoy my latest IKEA finds!

chevron chest, entertainment storage, bar area, wood, furniture, IKEA shopping
This. I mean seriously? Is this amazing or what? Spotted this chevron bad boy just as soon as I got there and was LOVING it! It's such a great piece as you could use it as an entertainment piece or bar/storage area too.

living room, berry & grey, IKEA shopping finds, grey couch, berry area rug
Every time and I mean EVERY time I see this color scheme together I am in love! Something about the berry color paired with grey just makes me want to re-do my whole house in these colors. I am so crushing on it! Anyone have a room in these colors?

grey & blue living room, bridge artwork, graphic print area rug, grey couch
I noticed some incredible new rugs in the room areas and was really liking this one as I am always down for a great graphic patterned area rug and this one makes the cut! It is such an eye catcher and blended in so well with this living room layout.

brown quatrefoild rug, green and brown living room, toadstools, mirror
A couple items I am totally digging in this photo: this FAB new mirror on the wall above the couch = amazing! PLUS this rug . . . gotta love that rug! Loving the storage solution/coffee table idea as this is perfect to hide ALL THE STUFF! ;)

modern bar stools, entertainment center, bar area storage, black frames
How much fun is this area? I mean look at those fun bar stools that are new! And all of the black and white decor is so hip and modern!

yellow chair, bookshelf, white pendant lights, cocktail area, IKEA finds
LOVE LOVE LOVE this yellow chair! Do I have any yellow in my home? Ummm . . no, but I still love it and I think YOU should get it for your home! I mean it needs a home right? ;)

modern lamps, geometric lighting, IKEA lighting, new, orange pendant light
I always love perusing through the lighting section as they always have the most fun lighting options, I mean look at these? New to the store and the price can not be beat! Would look perfect in a boys room, in my opinion.

wall of clocks, IKEA clocks, yellow modern clock, wall clocks
Tick tock, tick tock! I see a wall of clocks! I like these but I hope that they eventually get even bigger ones in as I would love to get one. I think a giant clock on a wall can be so cool looking.

kitchen area, stainless steel appliances, IKEA kitchen ideas
This was such a unique kitchen as the cabinet finish was one I had never seen before but I liked it. Paired up with these stainless steel appliances and this is one sharp looking kitchen!

IKEA kitchen ideas, wine storage, lighting, stainless steel fridge, tiles
Oh that wine storage! I am in awe! How sweet would that be? I mean c'mon that is plentttttttty of room for your wine collection right? ;)

IKEA party decor, butterflies, lampshades, pink & green, gift wrap, gift bags
This section . . . the PAR-TAY section as I call it, is definitely one of my must 'go-to' sections because I look forward to seeing what is new and fun. And this time was no exception . . . I mean pink and green. Ya know I may or may not just happen to looooove those colors! ;)

pink & green, gift wrap, gift bags, butterflies, gift boxes, hat boxes, IKEA decor
Those butterflies are just the sweetest things aren't they? I adored them on the lampshades but on the sides of these hat boxes or storage gift boxes . . . especially with the watercolor look of the boxes = just gorgeous!

kids room ideas, IKEA kids room, arrow noard, bunk beds, desk, storage
I love seeing ideas for a kids room as I am constantly changing my daughter's room up to utilize the space we have in the best way possible. I love this bed set up with a little chillaxing 'lounge' underneath . . . I mean where was this when I was a kid, ya know! ;)

outdoor solar lights, paper lanterns, potted flowers, outdoor pillows
I must confess I have a thing for paper lanterns. I don't know I just LOVE them. So when these grabbed my eye, I headed over & then I SAW it! OMG!

outdoor solar lights, pear shaped lights, pears, solar lights, IKEA outdoor
these . . . these PEAR lights! I love pears and do you know what these are? Ready for this . . . SOLAR lights! How cool is that? Yup they are lightweight outdoor solar lights that come in this green color or white and they also have smaller ones too. I wanted to buy one to have as decoration in our living room but the hubs convinced me I was nuts! lol

IKEA outdoor ideas, outdoor furniture, patio lights, potted plants, outdoor seating
A lot of their outdoor area items fell in line with this green color scheme and the lights and pear shaped items. I love how it all coordinates together!


string of lights, outdoor lighting, patio lights, pear shaped, apple shaped, green lights
So since I did NOT purchase the big solar powered pear, I "may" have bought a couple strands of these pear shaped lights to hang in my living room over my patio door instead. (heehee)

outdoor patio furniture, lawn, outdoor seating, outdoor rugs, pillows
They had some fabulous outdoor seating options paired with fun lighting, pillows and rugs.

lighted plants, tulle curtains, potted plants, outdoor patio table, IKEA outdoor
Also LOTS of potted plants were everywhere and these are great because you do not have to worry about watering them as they are fake. These small trees/ bushes lit up were so festive and would look great on a patio and they had plenty different options for the smaller potted plants as well.

I hope you will stay tuned to see what I do with some of my IKEA finds. In the meantime, here are a few of the posts I have done using products from IKEA:
- Creating a Mudroom
- Sneak Peek - Girls Bedroom Makeover
- How to Create a Gallery Wall
- Decorating with Vinyl

outdoor pillows, paper lanterns, pear shaped solar lights, potted plants

Have you visited an IKEA lately? What is one of your fave products that you have gotten from there? Let me know below as I would love to hear . . .

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