Wednesday, May 20, 2015

WEDDING :: Floral Garden Inspiration Board

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floral straws, macarons, hand lettering, foral cake, floral shoes, floral dress, bunting

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  Spring and summer is the perfect time to celebrate all things floral. Floral patterns, floral dresses, floral cakes . . . all of it! It's the perfect backdrop for outdoor events as florals can be found everywhere which makes planning an event around this theme super easy this time of year. Now would I recommend mixing all of these floral ideas together? Oh heavens no, but pair up a few floral items with a solid color from your color palette and you have one amazing event.

  Make sure to have plenty of straws on hand at the bar for your signature cocktails and mocktails, these striped and floral designs will look stunning in those tasty drinks! Dress up an area easily with some floral bunting as it turns an area into a well decorated area in a snap. Choose to have your guests enjoy their treats off of some gorgeous floral tableware. I love the small floral details on these. If you are looking for the perfect bridesmaids dress to coordinate with a floral garden wedding, this IS the one - I mean the colors, the design, it is seriously stunning! I love everything hand lettered and these table tents would be the perfect little accent on tables to let guests know what they are eating. Your cake should command the attention of the table and having one this gorgeous will surely do the trick! Add floral touches to a dusty blue color scheme like this chair for guests or the backing of this table number frame, set on the tables. Remember a little can go a long way. Maybe you aren't feeling the whole 'wearing florals thing', in that case, maybe you would prefer a floral heel instead paired with a plain colored dress.  
Have you ever attended a floral garden wedding or party that used these colors and patterns?  What was your favorite element of the event?  I would LOVE to hear the details . . .spill below ;) 

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