Wednesday, August 5, 2015

WEDDING :: Rose & Gold Inspiration Board

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  Gold is still HOT right now and very much still on trend but one thing that is even hotter is rose gold or rose and gold together! Just think of it as gold with a twist! I personally like it better as I'm not a huge fan of gold anything (gasp!) so the rose gold is much better to look at in my opinion. ;)

  It's easy to incorporate the rose color into your signature cocktail as most wines have a blush or rose hue to them, so this one is perfect for your event. Cake toppers are one of the TOP 5 items that brides can forget about so make sure to remember this detail as it can add an amazing statement just like this laser cut 'bride to be' that would be perfect on a shower cake. Chose a word like 'love' or your initial of your last name for your reception cake. Wearing the perfect dress for the bridesmaids is key to having a cohesive look on the day of the wedding. Make sure to choose a dress that will compliment yours and fit in with your color scheme . . .this one is a complete knock out! This cake is perfect for a romantic themed event and the ruffles are very much a hot request at the moment with bakers. Having a simple favor for your guests doesn't have to be complicated, something as simple as pretzel rods dipped to match your wedding would be perfect and the gold glitter on top is the perfect touch! Your reception tables will stun your guests when they look as pulled together as these. Choose linens to match and tie in flowers for the centerpieces that match those found in your bouquet. Designate an area where guests can relax near the bar or perhaps even outside with a comfortable sitting area complete with matching pillows to create a relaxing environment that your guests will surely appreciate.

Have you ever been to a wedding this glam that used these colors?  What was your favorite element of the event?  I would LOVE to hear the details . . .spill below ;) 


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