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IKEA :: New Catalog Release Blogger Party

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Hello everyone! I wanted to share with you an amazing event that I was honored to be invited to and yup . . . it just so happened to be by one of fave stores: IKEA!!! As you may remember I was invited by them to an event last fall and had an incredible time attending that one, so when I got the invite to this party, I was all in!

This one was different this time around as it was a blogger event so I was super excited to meet other area bloggers around where I live. The whole event was set up to celebrate IKEA's launch of their brand new catalog and we got sneak peeks of some of what they have to offer from it. Plus we were treated to an amazing spread of different types of food, sips and desserts to sample. They surely spoiled us but hey, someone has to do it! ;)

#IKEAcatalog, greenery, bookcase, decor ideas, IKEA west chester
IKEA blogger event, Ikea west chester, #IKEAcatalog, home ideas


Inspire individuality. 
Whether you are having the whole family over for a holiday meal, an every day meal with your family or just a simple dinner for two, they showed us a ton of ideas to recreate for our guests that we invite to our homes.  No matter what your style is, you will be able to find something that fits your vibe for sure!

One of the things that I love about these events, are the ideas that they showcase and all of the various ways to use the items they sell. I really enjoy looking at all of the details that they put into their displays as it can certainly spark some creativeness from within - that is for sure! ;)

set the table, tablescapes, #IKEAcatalog, place setting ideas, table tops

black & white place setting, IKEA west chester, #IKEAcatalog
black place setting, IKEA blogger event, #IKEAcatalog, place setting ideas

colorful place settings, table top designs, IKEA west chester, #IKEAcatalog

floral place setting, pink & grey place setting, IKEA dining, IKEA catalog

This event had several areas that showcased recipes from their amazing food items, which include everything from smoked salmon and salad to their new cinnamon bun rusk and coffees.

IKEA food items, salmon, salad, cinnamon bun rusk, IKEA food
IKEA food, IKEA drinks, IKEA taste testing event, IKEA west chesterIKEA food, IKEA smoked salmon, IKEA west chester

IKEA food, strawberry smoothies, lemon muffins, chocolate muffins

Guess what people? Do you even know what they have now at IKEA? Hint: its IN the first pic below! All I have to say is this is a game changer! My local store is one of the first so you may have to wait just a tiny bit longer if you don't have one at your IKEA store. That's right  . . . a REGISTRY! OMG!

 IKEA gift registry, #IKEAcatalog, IKEA party, IKEA kids, IKEA registry

The kids' table is the place to be.

Seriously? If all kids' tables looked like this growing up, I would have never started to be an adult. lol When you plan your next party for a kid or even one for yourself - check out their party section, art and craft supplies in stock as well as all kinds of fun games, costumes for the kids! 

IKEA party supplies, IKEA art supplies, IKEA crafts, IKEA kids


Creativity gets cooking.

Lots of fabulous storage solutions, cooking supplies, baking and more to be had in their new cooking department. I will be coming back for MY haul soon. ;)

IKEA cooking, #IKEAcatalog, cookware, glassware, healthy foods
dinnerware, #IKEAcatalog, potholders, kitchen towels, IKEA kitchen

Tame the wilderness at home.

We were inspired with how to sprinkle bits of nature throughout our homes using greenery, florals, rocks, framed art, plants and more. This is such a fun element to have represented in your home and it's easier to incorporate than you may think.

IKEA nature, natural decorating, succulents, plants, wilderness

IKEA west chester, greenery, nature, framed art, #IKEAcatalog
succulents, IKEA west chester, plants, decorating with nature

When was the last time you headed to IKEA for some ideas on how to decorate? Where do you find YOUR inspiration?

inspiration, home decorating, kitchen ideas, IKEA cooking, #IKEAcatalog

Special thanks to all of the staff at IKEA West Chester for planning this event for us and of course for the invite. I will see you SOON! ;)

Have you checked out the new IKEA catalog? Or seen the new departments in the store? Let me know below as I would love to hear . . .


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