Monday, August 1, 2016


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Hello there and welcome to AUGUST?! Wait a minute. August. For reals? I'm afraid so. 

We just got back from the longest and best vacation ever and I think that's why I can't believe it myself. School starts NEXT week and I will be sad to see my little go back as I love having her home.

But before we start talking about back to school, let's see what was happening in July shall we?! You all love the freebies and some new things I did this time around. I didn't get to produce as much NEW content as I would have liked but hey . . . longest vacation ever took priority ya know! ;)

Let's check out what ideas you were loving on this month and you can catch up and check in on them now, if you missed them the first time around! ;)

So let's see what the top 3 were for last month, shall we . . .  

:: TOP POSTS for JULY 2016 ::

CRAFT :: Nautical Rag Wreath

nautical decor, rag wreath, how to make a nautical rag wreath, beach theme

 FREEBIE :: Oh Happy Day Cell Phone Wallpaper

cell phone wallpaper, oh happy day, hand lettering, chalkboard lettering

 CRAFT :: Emoji Coasters [IKEA Hack]

emoji coasters, IKEA hack, emoji party, emoji craft idea, party favor

I love this month's top posts . . . getting crafty plus a little hand lettering freebie- doesn't get any better than that! ;)

As always, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy what is left of the  summer!!! Cheers to a great start to the school year for everyone!
So now you are all caught up on some of the most read posts here on my blog. Hopefully you will take a moment to comment below to tell me what
YOUR favorite was this month?

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  1. Those emoji coasters are everything! Me and my boys would LOVE having these at home! So cute AND fun!

  2. Love the anchor wreath, this would be perfect for our nautical bathroom theme!

  3. I can't believe it's August either! Where has the summer gone?! That wreath is adorable! And those emoji coasters?! How fun would they be at a party!

  4. Those emoji coasters are everything! And yes, it's hard to believe summer went by that fast! One of my kids start school this week as well!

  5. I love the wreath. Now that we have a new house I need pretty ones for our front door. I'll have to try and make one!


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