Tuesday, October 4, 2016

TOP POSTS :: Best of September


Hello . . . we meet yet again! ;)

It's October, it's finally fall and it's kinda starting to actually 'feel' like it here (a little bit) and I am super pumped about it, how about you? So many fun things are on our calendar for this month that I can hardly wait to do them . . . hayrides, pumpkin patches, festivals and so much more and guess what, most of them involve pumpkins! One of our fave things! Imagine that!

But before we start heading into 'pumpkin-ville' and never turning back, let's take a quick peek back at what happened on the blog in September, shall we?!

Let's see what ideas you were loving on this month and you can catch up and check in on them now, if you missed them the first time around! ;)

So let's see what the top 5 were for last month, shall we? . . .  

:: TOP POSTS for SEPTEMBER 2016 ::

DIY :: Be-YOU-tiful Framed ART 



ART PRINT :: Pumpkin Spice Everything

FREEBIE :: FabYOUlous Cell Phone Wallpaper

FREEBIE: Inspirational Bookmarks


This month was definitely full of FREEBIES and lots of hand lettering, which is my favorite kind! ;) As always, thanks for stopping by and I hope you are enjoying all things fall right now!
So now you are all caught up on some of the most read posts here on my blog. Hopefully you will take a moment to comment below to tell me what
YOUR favorite was this month?

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