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EATS :: Easy Halloween Treats

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Hey y'all!

Halloween is almost here and you may have started thinking about all of those goodies, treats or food ideas that you will make. Or maybe not so much. Maybe you are hosting a party this year for you or perhaps a kids party (like I am). Or you volunteered to make something for your child's classroom party at school. No matter what it is for, you need a plan or an idea and I am here to help you out with a few ideas today. 

All of these ideas I have personally made or recreated myself so I know they are not only easy, they are quick. Oh and they are pretty darn tasty too! ;) Best of all, this kind of food is FUN!

1. Marshmallow Pops

So easy. So fun. And as complex or simple as you want it to be. These ghostly marshmallow pops were simple. I used regular marshmallows, inserted the straws in the bottom, drizzled some melted white chocolate over them, added a couple edible eyeballs and done! 

marshmallow treats, ghost pops, marshmallow pops, halloween treats
halloween party dessert ideas, marshmallow pops, ghost pops


2. Bark

This has got to be the easiest 'go-to' thing to make as it's no bake and super fast when you are short on time. I am guilty of making bark of any kind constantly in my house as my daughter and all of her friends just LOVE it. 

For this one I simply melted up a bag of dark chocolate chips, poured in a pan, added sprinkles and edible eyeballs and the next thing I had was: Halloween Eyeball Bark.

halloween party food, eyeball bark, halloween bark, chocolate bark

3. Halloween fruit parfait

For those times when we need to make a treat just a little bit on the healthier side, these are perfect! Or a great way to add a fun breakfast item to a sleepover party (like we did with these). Simply stack (drained) pineapple chunks, (drained) mandarins and top with cool whip. Plus they look a LOT like candy corn so it makes them all the more fun!

halloween fruit parfait, fruit cup, halloween party, candy corn fruit cups

4. Cutie Pumpkins

I love doing these as they are simple adorable! Grab some cuties or clementines, peel them and then add a small piece of celery for the stem. Super cute and super healthy too!

healthy halloween treats, healthy halloween party food, oranges

5. Cupcakes

I very rarely ever have a party without cupcakes as I LOVE decorating them! The thing about cupcakes is you can buy them at the store, if you are pressed for time OR bake them yourself. Either way you decide to go, whether they are mini cupcakes or regular size, jazz them up with some fun icing colors, sprinkles, candy . . . anything to make it festive! Oh and if you have some party toppers to add to them, it will make it that much more fun!

halloween mini cupcakes, halloween party dessert ideas, cupcakes

Sometimes it's interesting to make up your own thing too. For my daughter's Halloween sleepover party last year, I made these spider cupcakes, which I used a cupcake kit and it was super easy but then I also made these monster cupcakes. I iced some cupcakes orange (since I had leftovers from the spider cupcakes), peeked in my pantry to see what I had and used these candy corn marshmallows for ears, some edible eyeballs and a candy coated ball for a nose and we have the friendliest looking 'monster cupcakes' right? lol

monster cupcakes, spider cupcakes, halloween cupcake ideas
spider cupcakes, halloween cupcakes, halloween party desserts

5. Candy Corn

This one is a tried and true favorite of mine and I have made it every year once I discovered it: we call it 'Monster Mash' here but it's a simple two-ingredient treat. A bag of candy corn and a canister of salted peanuts . . . dump them in a bowl together and you have got a great tasting 'grab & go' snack that tastes a LOT like a bite out of a Payday candy bar = BONUS! ;)

monster mash, candy corn mix, halloween party food ideas, peanuts

6. Reese's Bats

I love, love, love this idea for these Reeses bats that I found, so I used the regular size Reeses peanut butter cups for these and gave it a try myself. They are the FIRST treat to go, EVERY time I make them. ;)

reeses bats, oreos, reeses cups, halloween treat, halloween party
reeses bats, halloween party, halloween treats, easy halloween treat

Hope you enjoyed these quick and easy Halloween treat ideas! Have you ever made one of these? Have another great idea? Please let me know below . . .

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