Monday, October 24, 2016

EATS :: Monster Brownie Bites

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Happy Halloween! 

It's almost that time of year! Time to think about and prepare a fun treat for those Halloween parties, kids classroom parties or just a treat for your co-workers . . . regardless of the who, I have the what for you today. The best part is, they are quick. They are easy. They are NO bake and they only require FOUR ingredients! Tada . . . I give you Monster Brownie Bites!

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halloween party food, eyeball treats, halloween dessert, kids halloween food

I mean seriously how CUTE are these plus they are fun to make AND a great way to let your kids get involved in the creating process as well, if you'd like. 

Something I love doing (and I am seeing myself do more and more of the older I get and the less time that I have), is to look for ways to cut my time spent on a project and get the same cute results in less amount of time. Anyone else? Feel free to yell AMEN to that! ;)

Soooooo enter my latest idea. One that is super simple and like I mentioned, takes only four ingredients you can buy at the store and then assemble them and you will look like you spent all afternoon making them when we know you really only spent about 15 minutes, but that will be our little secret! ;)

How to make Monster Brownie Bites

You will need a container of brownie bites- already made (I get mine in my grocery's bakery), a can of pre-made frosting, sprinkles and some edible candy eyeballs.

kids halloween school treat, brownie bites, kids halloween dessert
no bake halloween dessert, simple halloween brownies, monster brownies

To create these guys, simply cut the brownie bites in half (carefully) and then spread a gallop of icing in the middle of the two brownie bite halves. You can choose to add food color to your frosting beforehand, if you like (I made mine purple). After you put your brownie bite back together, with the frosting between the two halves, you should end up with something that resembles a brownie-looking macaroon! (at least I thought so). You will then want to roll the sides of the brownie bite through your sprinkles so it sticks to the frosting. Then to add the eyeballs, place a tiny drop of frosting to the back of the edible eyeballs (it acts like 'glue') so they stick to your brownie and you are done! 

brownie macaroon, edible eyeballs, simple halloween dessert, brownie bites
kids halloween classroom treat, quick halloween treats, hallowen brownies

If you are looking for even more quick and easy ideas, then check out this easy Halloween treats post.  Hope you enjoyed these quick and easy Halloween treat idea! Have you ever made something like this? Have another great idea? Please let me know below . . .

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