Sunday, February 6, 2011

{How-to Guide} step-by-step to using printables for Valentines Day

I decided to write this post & explain HOW I use our party printable lines to create a {real life} event. I get so many inquires saying "I love your printables but I don't get it -how do you use them once I get them?" Well this post is definitely for YOU! If you have ever wondered what the heck to do with this . . . .stay tuned. And if you already KNOW what to do, then just scroll down thru & look at the pretty pics! =)

First of all, I offer the printables thru my Etsy shop at & anytime you see something you think you would want to use - go here & I will have posted the pics from the photo shoot as well as the files to look at so you can see if it will work. Then just add which set you want to the cart & check out. 
You DO have to set up an Etsy account (very quick & simple) but hey - you'll be using it right, to get all your party supplies through me? lol 
Anyway - you can also pay using a PayPal account or a credit card - they offer both to make it soooo easy to do. Once you purchase, I get a confirmation email & then I send you the digital files to your email address you listed on your Etsy account & that's it. Then I would suggest opening them & printing them from your home printer or saving them to any memory device & taking them to a printer - can be as simple as going to Kinko's/FedEx Office & telling them how many copies you need of each file. 
PLUS - anytime you would like to use the printables but don't want to mess w/ all the printing - email me - I WILL do them for you & send for a nominal fee - just let me know BEFORE checkout! =)

OK - next, cut everything out & assemble any pieces together - these toppers pictured here are very EASY to make. Cut them out (they are usually square) & then attach to lollipop sticks (found at any craft store) - you could also attach them to a toothpick or even a skewer. I always just put a little tape on it - that's it.

In the last photo above - the pink & white damask heart shape was made the same way - only I used the pattern paper that comes in the kit & just hand cut a heart shape & taped to a lollipop stick. Use your imagination. I am trying to design pattern paper w/ every collection so you can use for anything you dream up! 

Speaking of pattern paper - (pictured above) - these 2 gifts, I used a couple of the different pattern papers as gift wrap. Then attached one of the toppers & used it as a gift tag. Super EASY right?

Some other ways to use the toppers: 1st pic - cut a little slit towards the top & bottom & insert the lollipop in it. The last 2 pics - I cut the toppers that had a circle design out & used it in the center of some paper accordian decorations to jazz it up a bit.

So now that you have done your "prep work" let's get going . . . 


1st of all - I am an event planner so do NOT get hung up on the "I can't do it like you" - it doesn't matter - you will be great & you'll see how simple it is. 1st decide what 'meal' you want to create this for, I decided to do a romantic breakfast since it is a little different. Throw a nice tablecloth on your table, set the place settings, throw some decor in the middle, use some 'nice' platters or server to hold your treats, a couple candle holders & don't stress.
If you do need some decor I have found some great inexpensive items at places like Target, Micheals, Hobby Lobby & even the Dollar Tree!

The collection comes with these cute little "love notes" that I used to create some fun with! 

The 1st pic above is a sample of what some of the love notes in the collection look like. The 2nd photo is where I wrote "follow the hearts to me . . ." on one of them & put it on the floor along with some heart confetti I scattered along side of it that I used the pattern paper to make. I just grabbed my Creative Memories heart punch & BAM! - instant confetti. The confetti on the floor was left as a trail to his surprise . .

I used one of the love notes again, to write this note. (in case you are wondering - the "KISS ME" heart in the background is a soap on a stick that I found at Pier 1 - I freaked & HAD to have it since it said KISS ME & that is what I had named this collection - too cool!)

And this is what the table looked like along w/ the chairs . . .

As far as the chairs go - I grabbed a couple red pillows I had in the living room to use as cushions & the lip pillows all came from my home office (is is decked out in lip prints - I collect them - lol) So the point is to USE what you have around the house. And the actual table setting in the middle - I didn't have any placemats that I liked so I took one of the paper napkins I had bought in pink & white damask & used IT for a placemat!

 This vase above also came from my office - grab a vase around & throw some flowers in it & call it done! The framed art comes in the collection & I printed it out & stuck it in an 8 x 10 frame I switched out just for this!

As far as the food - just made a batch of FastShake pancakes (nothing fancy - just add water, shake & cook) then got creative & cut them into heart shapes, added a couple strawberries & whip cream as a garnish & done. Made mimosas as the drink & put them in champagne glasses I already had.

Some little touches on the table included writing little love notes & have them scattered around the table & at the place setting. I also put a little cherry chewy heart candy on the rim of the mimosa for added FUN!

As far as the rest of the food on the table - nothing fancy, took ordinary items & made them look better. 
1st pic - store bought donuts from a box & placed in cupcake wrappers & placed on a cake platter & decorated w/ those toppers we already made. 
2nd pic - fresh strawberries on a different platter & added little decor things around it. SIMPLE! 
And the last pic - store bought muffins, placed in cupcake wrappers & again decorated w/ toppers on the sticks.

This photo just shows a few more views of the toppers - can also be used in a photo holder like I did in the above.

Are you feeling like you could re-create this or something you come up with? 
Hopefully this helped explain the whole "printable world concept" & you understand it a little better & how to create something for your own use.

A few of the other things that come in the "KISS ME" Valentines Day collection is: this set of 4 different designed postcards - send these to the people you want to remember on Valentines Day that you won't get to see. 
They are designed in 4-color on the front & then black & white on the back but is cheaper to mail since it IS a postcard. 
The 2nd pic shows our 2 different designs in the napkin wraps offered in this collection. You just cut these out, wrap around a napkin & use tape to adhere theme. As an added twist - you can also cut out a topper & use on top of the napkin wrap for a little extra pizzazz! =)

I really hope this "how-to" helped get those creative juices a flowin for you to create your OWN table using the KISS ME Valentines Day collection.
If you missed the last deal we had on this - you're in LUCK!

As an added BONUS for all of you reading this, I am giving you a discount code to use when checking out in Etsy for 50% OFF this collection - but ONLY for the next 3 days! Offer ends at midnight on wed. feb. 9 & the price will not reflect the 50% off until checkout after you enter the code. Enter code - KISSME50

Also if any of you use this collection & want to share the photos - please send them to as I love to share what my fans have created using the "eye candy" from my site! =)

Have a wonderful week & please if I can answer any questions here about 
this blog - do not hesitate to ask!


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