Tuesday, February 8, 2011

{PART 1} Kids Classroom Valentines Day Crafts + IDEAS collection

I am so excited to feature our 1st ever KIDS line exclusively for the little people in our lives! This is such a FUN collection because it can be used with your kids at home or I am going to be using it in my 2nd graders classroom next week on Valentines Day! I am a homeroom mom for my daughter's class & I got so tired of all the BORING ideas in the store so I thought I would design one & write a tutorial on all the ideas I came up with & offer you a discount on the collection so you can try it out!

Here are some of the pics I shot yesterday of the different things I am going to be showing you how to make. I decided to give you all a few ideas at a time this week, as to not make you have to sit through a long tutorial.

So do you want my advice? Well I would buy this collection TODAY - so you don't forget PLUS I will be giving you the discount code in a minute to go get it on Etsy for 50% OFF (but that's only good until Thursday). Then in the next couple days (including more later) I will be posting step-by-step instructions (with photos) on how to make everything you see here - including the goodie bags for the classroom! =)
** goodie bag toppers included in this collection **

And this craft to be done in class or at home!
** coloring craft paper included in this collection ** 

This SUPER EASY bookmark!
**using the pattern paper  included in this collection **

This adorable heart butterfly pencil decoration!
**another idea using the coloring craft paper& the pattern paper included in this collection ** 

 Several FUN ideas on decorating lollipops to hand out!
**using toppers & the pattern paper included in this collection ** 

 OR how about this as an EASY craft in class or use to hand out!
**using toppers included in this collection **

Plus I will have some different ideas on food for the classroom parties that you can make or pick up on your way - whatever you have time for! =)

Just click on this link here to take you right to the listing in Etsy & enter this code for 50% OFF this collection BUT remember ONLY through this Thursday!
at checkout as the retail price WILL be listed until you enter this above code!

Stay tuned for PART 2 of this post where we start making all these fun little crafts with your kids!
Hope to see you back here!
And please give me feedback on this . . .do you like the tutorials? . . . didn't really need it? . . . do you like the Kids Classroom line? I want to do more of these - so please let me know your thoughts here or email me at

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