Wednesday, February 9, 2011

{PART 3} Kids Valentines Classroom Goodie Bag + FOOD Ideas

Welcome back! I am going to show you just how simple filling the goodie bags can be & you can put ANYTHING you like in it. That's the great thing - there are NO RULES! =)

First things first - gather up supplies needed to fill the goodie bags. Toys or treats? I opted to do mine with treats this year since the kids have ENOUGH toy trinkets laying around - ya know what I mean? lol My favorite place to get this is the dollar section at Target but use whatever you like. NO RULES! =)
I also decided to put a fun "lollipop" in the goodie bags for my daughter's classroom party this time - Peep lollipops! Easy!
Get really creative & tie a little ribbon on it for FUN! lol

Then fill the bags, cut out the goodie bag toppers, fold in half & staple to the top of the goodie bag. Call it done! AND adorable. =)

Need to take some food in for your kids classroom party? Make some cupcakes & decorate with M&M's, conversation hearts or good ol sprinkles! Not a baker . . .
Then stop on the way & pick up some Little Debbie heart cakes or some Ding Dongs or Sno-Balls. YUM! Attach one of the party toppers on a stick & DONE!

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Join us Thursday for 2 more posts on making crafts for classroom activities or just some FUN with your kids!  


  1. Those are all just adorable. Makes me wish my kids were back in elementary school. NOT!! I'm about to have my youngest graduated.

  2. thanks so much for the sweet comment Lisa - I appreciate it!


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