Thursday, February 10, 2011

{PART 4} Kids Lollipop Valentines How -To Craft IDEAS for Classroom

Today I am going to show you a few different variations on Lollipop Valentines that your kids can use to hand out in the class. I am sure you have seen most of these but it's always good to have options! =)

We can keep it simple with these 2 alternate ideas to paper valentines. Attach these toppers to some lollipops you buy at the store, have them write their message on the back & it "stands out" a little more with their friends! =)
Just tape or glue stick the lollipop to back of topper & attach ribbon.
OR cut a slit in top & bottom of party topper & insert lollipop.

Want to get a little more creative? Or just need a craft for the classroom or your kid? How about this one - Valentines Lollipop flower!
steps to creating this: (1) cut 4" x 11 strip of pattern paper - (2) fold in half lengthwise with the pattern side in - (3) fold vertically in half - (4) fold vertically in 1/2 again - (5) unfold & draw 1/2 of a heart on each fold of the 4 squares that were created when folded - (6) cut out the heart patterns - (7) stack all 4 hearts on top of each other & take hole punch & punch a hole about 1/4" up from bottom - (8) place hearts on top of each other, lining up the hole & adhere a little glue to keep in place
** few tips to making this work - do NOT make the heart pattern 'fat' - draw the sides of the heart straight otherwise when you stack them, it will overlap too much & not look like a flower in the end. Also you can have your kids write a message on the back & give out instead of a paper valentine.

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The last part in this series will be posted later this afternoon & will show you how to make some FUN classroom party crafts. Stay tuned! =)


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