Saturday, March 24, 2012


easter chicks, easter birthday idea, birthday chick, pastel colors

Have you all seen the little chick I designed last year? 
hello there, easter chick, birthday chick, yellow chick, happy birthday chick

YES she has been everywhere lately as I keep getting CUSTOM order requests to make her into a NEW collection & I'm happy to do it - oh the places & collections she has been in!! LOL This one is pretty special though, that I am about to share with you, as it is for all those LITTLE CHICKS that are fortunate enough to celebrate their birthdays on EASTER!

Introducing the brand new . . . .

birthday collection!

easter birthday printable collection, easter birthday, little chick, easter birthday party

Do you have a little one that is going to be celebrating their birthday on Easter? . . then this collection is PERFECT for you!

Here's what you get in this collection . . . 
(pictured above}
1. 2 banners - one that says "Happy Birthday _(insert child's name)__
& one that will say Happy Birthday Easter Chick!
- you also get additional banner circles with the little chick on it PLUS you get to customize with your child's NAME & their AGE
2. paper pack - you receive 12 different design/ color combinations in this pack that can be used for scrapbook paper, craft ideas, decor accents & to make pinwheel circles

3. goodie bag toppers - use for attaching to the top of the kid's goodie bags & fill with party favor/ treats

easter birthday toppers, little chick, birthday chick, goodie bag toppers

4. drink flags - attach these to straws for a fun way to coordinate in 4 different designs
pastel drink flags, easter birthday drink flags, chevron drink flags

5. food / drink / decor labels - you will receive 2 sets of these - one will be as shown here with "happy birthday Easter chick!" on it & the other one have no text on it so you can write in whatever you need to label

easter birthday food tents, easter birthday drink labels, easter birthday tent cards

6. napkin wraps - you will get 6 different designs/ color combinations that are great to use on napkins or decor accents

napkin wraps, easter birthday napkin wraps, easter birthday, polka dot napkin wraps

7. mini cards / tags - these are great to use to attach to items that you are sending home with the guests or use them as mini cards to write a note

mini easter birthday cards, easter birthday tags, easter birthday party printables

8. toppers/ circles - use for accents to your table decor - simply cut them out or use a punch, glue to lollipop stick or toothpick & done!

easter birthday tags, easter birthday toppers, easter birthday ideas

9. thank you cards - for after the party is over, handy to have, just print, write out your note & send

thank you cards, happy birthday easter chick, easter birthday thank you cards

Hope you love this collection as much as I do! 
You can find the little chicks Easter birthday collection in my Etsy shop! 

There is also a little chicks BIRTHDAY matching invitation (of course!)

happy birthday easter chick invite, easter birthday, kids easter birthday idea

birthday chick, easter birthday invitation, first birthday, kids birthday

As always, if you EVER have any special custom design party collection idea requests, PLEASE feel free to email me anytime & I can design one for YOU!
Email: Have a great weekend! 

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  1. This entire Easter collection is just too cute!

    1. thank you so much for the love - I truly appreciate you taking the time! =)

  2. Oh I am just loving this Easter chick collection. If my daughter was having an Easter birthday then this is what I'd have wanted. Love it!

  3. These are so cute and creative for an Easter birthday. It's such a fun time to celebrate two important events.

  4. they are so cute! Easter is my fav holiday of all so to me someone born around Easter must be really lucky!

  5. This whole Easter collection is my favourite of yours so far. It's so cute and very well designed and thought about - would be perfect for a small family party at Easter time :)

  6. Such an adorable design. I have always made my own birthday invitations for both of my kids. Well always as in until they were "too old" for it. Ha!

  7. The whole Easter collection is adorable! How talented and creative you are, created cute figure like this chick.

  8. Those are so cute and fun. I love the color scheme. Really, a very creative Easter birthday idea.

  9. So adorable and perfect for an Easter birthday. I love all your designs.

  10. Thank you cards are so important. I used to skip on these, but with time I realized how mindful it is to send these out after parties.


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