Monday, March 19, 2012

{DESIGN SPECIAL} Facebook Timeline Cover Designs SALE

Are you ready for the new Facebook timeline & all of their changes? 
Personally, I am NOT seeing anything I like about the new changes which is why I am NOT changing until the very last minute. Call me stubborn but not doin it! lol
BUT there are plenty of people that have made the switch & I need to prepare myself - as in THIS week! The new FB timeline will go into effect next Monday - March 26 whether we are ready or not! 

So having said that, I have been designing some new FB timeline designs for a few people & have a few more to finish up this week.
I ran a special on them a couple weeks ago for ONLY $15!
Did you miss it?

Here are a couple of the designs that I have completed & are in use as we speak.

 This one was for a friend of mine who has a direct sales business.

 This one for Ms. Sheri of Blondie's Treats, I am doing her whole business branding & will have all the pieces to show you soon.

Do you still need one? I can do them for personal or business.

Everyone will HAVE to switch by next Monday but you can be prepared with a custom designed timeline design that coordinates with your current logo & branding.

Just because I ADORE my fans, I am extending the SALE of these 
You have until this Friday - March 23 to email me at to claim this DEALIO!

That's right! $15 smack-a-roonies to get your CUSTOM FB timeline design!

Hope to help you out!

Have a great day! xoxo


  1. Yes, I would love to havetwo designed. One is for Bella's Attic on FB and Mary Kay By Linda. I am so excited. My paypal information is this,

    Please let me know, what else I need to do. You are amazing, thank you.


  2. I love my new FB timeline!!!

    Thanks Laura!

    Sheri @ Blondie's Treats

  3. very nice - do you know that you are NOT allowed to advertise in your facebook header?

    well done on the designs
    Betty Bake x

    1. Thanks so much for the compliment. I understand your concern about the NOT allowing to advertise on the timelines - am just curious if you see a problem with one of these or was just a reminder to me. =) From everything that I have read & asked as long as you don't ask a reader to 'like' or 'share' the page in the timeline or have your email, etc. you are within their guidelines. I know the 1st timeline cover was designed by what she had approved from her company based on what they asked FB about. But I appreciate your concern & am constantly keeping updated on any changes. Thanks for reading! =)

    2. the plexus slim is an advert so if they are using it as their header i would say it doesn't fit the bill - FB says must be advertising products, discounts or ....

      sorry was just curious if FB hadn't queried it

      well done on all your design work. wasn't trying to be funny or nasty - just wanted to point out

      Betty Bake x

    3. Sorry I meant to say FB says MUST NOT be advertising etc

    4. Oh Betty you are totally fine! I didn't take it anyway but you looking out for me =) No worries & I really do appreciate you asking about that. It seems as though every time FB changes something we ALL have to figure out how to interpret all the rules for anything we do. I can only go by what my client told me, so we'll see. =)

  4. Very cool Facebook Timeline Cover and I am impressed with that. Hopefully my Facebook have a beautiful design of yours. But I don't have paypal, anyway thanks for sharing this info and I will refer your blog to all my friends.

    Lia | Facebook Timeline


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