Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy 1st Day of SUMMER!

Well Happy 1st Day of Summer!
I have been wondering all day WHY people kept saying it was the FIRST day of summer when I had "thought" it was tomorrow - LOL . . .oh well . . I seriously was under the impression that it was ALWAYS June 21st but that's what I get for thinking huh? ;)

So are you going to do something FUN to mark the first day of SUMMER!

What will YOU do? I would LOVE to hear what you are doing so let me know!
Me . . . I may have a cocktail . . after all it IS 95 degrees out right now! ;)

I have some EXCITING things planned for all of you coming in the next couple of weeks. One of them being a very special guest contributor that has joined "Team Eye Candy" & will be writing regularly for me  . . . and if you may be wondering what she will be writing about, then this photo is a clue!

Have a great afternoon!



  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought summer ALWAYS started on the 21st! :) The drink looks totally yummy!

    1. LOL - and I'm glad you posted this! What's the deal this year? I still think WE were right! ;)

  2. She'll be writing about dressing up party drinks?


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