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fruit trifle dessert, 4th of july, patriotic BBQ, red white & blue, picnic
4th of july table ideas, patriotic table, bbq, fruit trifle, dessert for the 4th

Hello everyone!

Welcome to day #3 on my 4th of July Party IDEAS series!
If you missed the IDEA from DAY #1 on how to make CUPCAKE CONES then make sure to check it out as they are so easy to make!

And if you need an amazing cocktail for your patriotic celebrations, then may I suggest this idea from DAY #2 Americana Pina Colada!

Today I am bringing you one of my all time favorite recipes to bring to a party!
There are lots of variations on this classic but I thought I would share MY recipe with you today. You just need to know a couple things though . . .it is super EASY and it's super delish . . . if you are okay with both of those things then you are good to go! ;)

patriotic table, recipe for fruit trifle, red white & blue, memorial day, labor day, picnic

Here's the recipe for Americana Fruit Trifle:

its soooooo QUICK & SIMPLE . . . This is it!

~ 1 {big} tub of cool whip
~ 1 angel food cake
~ strawberries & blueberries

I broke up the pieces of angel food cake, dropped them in the trifle bowl then repeated layers of angel food cake, whip cream, strawberries, cake, whip cream, blueberries . . . until I got to the top. Spread another layer of cool whip (to create my 'blank' canvas) made a "star" shape out of the strawberries & then filled in with the blueberries. Simple + delish!

fruit trifle recipe, blueberries, strawberries, pound cake, 4th of July, cookout

Hope you are enjoying these tips/ ideas for 4th of July Dessert! 
Stay tuned for the #4 IDEA for the 4th of July - see you then!

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