Tuesday, July 10, 2012

{PARTY FEATURE} One Smart Cookie [My Party Passion]

Today I am sharing a fun party collection with all of you - the "ONE SMART COOKIE" collection!

TEAM Eye Candy contributor Melissa, of Melissa Newell Party Stylist and Planner/My Party Passion! told me her idea for this party & I loved it, so a new collection was born! 
(this is her having some fun!) 

This would be a great theme either at the end of a school year or for the beginning of school (which is coming up sooner than we'd like to think - uggh)
Here is what she had to say about her latest event . . .  

You’re One Smart Cookie!
The end of the school year means Summer time fun!  It also means it was time for my annual end of the school year/welcome Summer party for the moms and kids within our small circle of friends.  This year I wanted something different than the usual Ice Cream Sundae party (don’t get me wrong, I love a good sundae with the rest of y’all). I enlisted Laura over at Eye Candy Creative Studio to help me in creating the perfect party for our Smart Cookies!

I started by sending her a snapshot of a mock up that I made looking like a big smart cookie.  We now call him CHIP!

All the mothers were asked to bring 1 dozen cookies to share while I supplied the fresh farm milk (chocolate and white).  I purchased the milk the day before at our local farmer’s market!  The cookies were a HIT and the chocolate milk bottles were empty in an hour!  Everyone had fun playing in the play yard and a game of kickball even ensued. 

One creative idea I had with this set is on a few of the items, I glued some google eyes on “Chip” to make it POP a little and come to life!  I loved the look!

I just love this set so much and can see it being used for a birthday party or just a fun milk and cookies party for the fun of it!

Budget Party Tip:  Having a party at a “non meal” time and supplying a snack or dessert item can be cost effective and less clean up for you!
Thanks Laura for all your creativity!



Party Tips Contributor: Melissa Newell

 Melissa Newell has been planning and executing parties for over 20 years - parties have always been a passion of hers.

Melissa’s motto is Go Big or Go Home! She celebrates with her children every chance they get - making each day a celebration of Life!

Creativity on a budget and the attention to the smallest of details is what she is known for. Her blog, My Party Passion, highlights all of the parties that she throws!

You can follow Melissa

If you would like to have your own "One Smart Cookie" party for your kids, just visit my shop & pick up the collection for the "One Smart Cookie" and it comes it different colors too. Enjoy!

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