Wednesday, October 10, 2012

{Halloween CRAFT Tip} DIY Spider Ring Machine


DIY spider ring ‘machine’

Hey everyone!! It’s me, Staci from lizard & ladybug.
 I wanted to make a Halloween gumball machine
but I didn’t want it to be a ‘traditional’ gum or candy machine.

Grab these supplies:
(not pictured, glass bowl/vase from Dollar Tree and 1” wooden knob – from JoAnns)

 and some of this

Spray paint it all. Once the clay pots/saucer and knob are dry, turn the clay pot upside down and attach the bowl.

Attach the knob to the bottom of the saucer

After everything is completely dry, add ribbon {I wanted to keep it simple}

And to make it SPOOK-tacular…..
Add spiders :)

How great would this look on a kid’s Halloween table???

Thanks to everyone for being here today and have a great week!!
~ staci ~

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oh and my family has a tough time taking a serious picture ;)

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  1. That's is so cute. I might have to make this for our home Ghoul party!


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