Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DIY :: How To Make Marshmallow Chalk

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Hopefully you all have had the chance to check out my latest collection: the "CREATE" collection. If not make sure to check it out for my idea on how to create an Art Party Picnic using the collection.

I promised MORE info from the Art Party Picnic on the marshmallow "chalk" that you see pictured here, so here we go. When I decided what the theme would be, I knew I wanted to incorporate some fun food "art" into the party. I decided on marshmallow "chalk" as I knew it HAD to be easy & quick. Plus since the kids were going to be using chalk to draw during the Art Party, I thought this would be a FAB idea!

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So how do you make this crazy box of "chalk"? This was one of those projects that I thought would take LESS time than it actually did but that's ok. You never come up with something great (or not) until you give it a try!

I basically just used a bag of mini marshmallows & some water. Yup, I said water. I divided the marshmallows by color & then dipped an end into a small bowl of water to get it to stick to the next. Was this the best method of doing this? Probably not, but I figured when marshmallows get wet, they get sticky so I thought I had something. Not sure if I made it too hard on myself or not - lol. It does take a few seconds of holding it in place for them to start "sticking together" but I eventually got there. (sorry I didn't take pics of the step-by-step but it's pretty easy)

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I think now after-the-fact, that it may have been MUCH quicker & easier to "adhere" them together with a drop of CandiQuik since it's used as the 'glue' on so many other baking items.

Never-the-less, we had marshmallow "chalk" & the kids thought it was great! It's all about making sure the kids are having fun - right? ;)

Overall I would do it again. I thought it turned out pretty cute! 

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Have you ever made a "creative" edible item just to go with the theme of a party? Would love to hear of your ideas & whether you thought it was a good idea or not in the end. Please share below . . . 

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