Tuesday, October 16, 2012

{PREVENTION is KEY} Breast Cancer Awareness

Howdie all – It’s Melissa, from My Party Passion, returning again this month to bring you a special post.  As I would rather be guest blogging about Halloween and Harvest parties, I am blogging about the “other” topic that is on our minds for October

In 2012, it is estimated that there will be over 250,000 cases of breast cancer in women in the United States alone.  It is also estimated that close to 40,000 of these women will die of breast cancer.  In men there will be over 2,000 new cases in 2012 and over 400 of those men diagnosed will die. 

I have one word for you today – PREVENTION!    

If you do nothing else this year for YOURSELF, I beg of you to get your annual checkups and mamagrams (check with your doctor to see what tests would be right for you). Self-exams are just as important for early detection.
I give myself a birthday present each year and schedule my mammogram for my birthday.  It’s a day where I spend to myself.  It’s a day when I can proudly say I think of ME and ME alone.  It’s not selfish – it’s the opposite!   I will do everything in my power to see my children grow up and grow old.  I know that someday my daughters will be alive to see the CURE for this disease.  For now, I will educate them on ways to prevent getting it!

On behalf of Team Eye Candy – I repeat that word – PREVENTION!  
 It’s the Key!

Breast Cancer Fact source:  Susan G Koman Site


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Have you CHECKED?!
Please join us in encouraging a LOVED one to CHECK the 'girls'  . . . better yet, encourage them to get a MAMMOGRAM! Early detection is KEY to saving a LIFE!
If you AGREE with us here, please comment below that you commit to getting checked, to get a mammogram this year AND that you will encourage someone as well to do the same! 
If not, please share this post with someone you LOVE or on your page to help us STAND TOGETHER & encourage people to CHECK 'the girls'! 
**btw - I practice what I preach & I am going in for MY 1st mammogram this thursday - laura ;)


  1. Thanks Laura for spreading the message!

  2. Great post! My best friend died from breast cancer in June of this year. My grandmother was a breast cancer survivor. I get "squeezed" every year. Thanks for reminding everyone how so very important this is!!!


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